Friday, March 7, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 | {February 28- March 6 }

Day 60 | February 28

After school on Friday I went and decorated Jonah's classroom door for teacher appreciation next week. I think it turned out really cute, don't you? I love the three dimensional hot air balloons!

Day 61 | March 1

When I come home from working at the library, I usually bring home books for this kids. Today I found just the right book for Jonah, who is interested in space right now. He spotted it right away and started reading!

Day 62 | March 2

Our church meetings happen to be right during Miss Aubrey's naptime. So as you can imagine, she often comes home completely exhausted!

Day 63 | March 3

My tulips are starting to come up already! I don't think they usually come up this early, but it is nice to have some green in my flower beds.

Also, did you know that March 2 was Dr. Seuss' birthday? At the library on Saturday the Seuss books were flying off the shelves. My kids all ended up with "cat in the hat" type hats on Monday at school, so I had to take a picture of the three of them together (even if it was a little later in the week)!

Day 64 | March 4

Little girls LOVE dress up, don't they? Lately my little girl is loving her tutus.

Day 65 | March 5

This week I have been preparing for a birthday party this weekend. We stopped by Target to see if they had anything helpful. Miss Aubrey found these hilarious glasses.

Day 66 | March 6

Speaking of early bloomers, check out my crocuses! They have actually started to bloom, so I guess Spring must really be on its way!

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  1. Little girls love to dress up - Clara wakes up every morning asking to wear a 'beautiful ball gown' so that she can 'go to the ball'. Yeesh... :)

  2. Flowers! Oh my word, there is hope (-:

    The kids look like they had a busy and fun week! Have a great weekend.

  3. ahhh. I have sooo many favorites. The door looks great! I love that last shot.

  4. That door should be awarded a blue ribbon - fabulous! Love the kiddo pictures (napping, bunny glasses, tutus - could she be any cuter?).

  5. Great shots. And I agree! That door is amazing!!

  6. You're little girl looks so precious in that tutu! Sweet sleeping picture too!