About Me

Hey there. I am Honey Mommy.

My husband calls me Honey, and the kids call me Mommy. So I figured Honey Mommy is a good nickname and would be the perfect name for my blog.

Let me introduce you to my little family.

Honey Daddy (my husband) and I have been married for nearly 10 years and have three amazing, beautiful children. We have two rambunctious boys and their adorable baby sister. These three kiddos are the biggest blessing in my life and provide me with countless stories (and pictures) to share with all of you.

 *Jonah is our oldest son. He is a seven-year-old smartie who is attending second grade this year.

*Eli is our second son. He is an independent five-year-old who never stops moving and definitely makes life more interesting.

*Aubrey is our little girl (2 years old). She has the rest of us wrapped around her cute little finger.

Of course these are not my kids' real names, but isn't that to be expected in this day and age? So now that you know about my family, here is the rundown on me:

Things you would know if you read my blog:
* I have been blogging since shortly after Eli was born in 2008.
* I have a passion for photography and have basically taught myself how to take the pictures I love.
* I love cycling. I have completed several century (100 mile) bike rides and have several in the works for this year.
* I love crafts and finding things I can do myself. If you need something to do, check out all the stuff I want to do on Pinterest!
* I have a MA in Library Science, so needless to say I love books! I currently work part-time in the children's section of my local library and enjoy reading YA books. I also have a soft spot for children's picture books, so my kids have a lot of them.
* I teach preschool as part of a cooperative group. I love sharing books with the kids and finding fun crafts to go with the lessons.
* I grew up in Wyoming, went to Utah for my bachelor's degree and then on to Arizona for my Master's Degree. I met my husband in Arizona and we settled down in Utah to raise our kids. My husband works in IT (more specifically virtualization) at a local University and we love living in such a lovely place.

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  1. Your new family photo turned out very nicely. I like it!

  2. You certainly are an inspiration! stumbled onto your blog. Lovely to read/see. Many thanks for sharing. Emma (honey mummy of 2 year old son, Ace currently living in Singapore) ;)

  3. Hi....you have a sweet family and nice blog to share. I just joined you, my sister, renae@simplesequins invited me. What a cute group.