Advertising with Honey Mommy is easy and affordable. Your ad must be family-friendly and must not display or link to pornographic or inappropriate material. All ads will be placed in the "Sweet Sponsors" section on the sidebar and traffic to your site is not guaranteed.

I have several advertising options, including text ads, 125 x 125 pixel graphic ads, and larger ads (300px wide). All I need from you is a graphic, and I can take it from there. Don’t have a graphic? I can help design one if needed. In addition I would be happy to try out your product and review it on my blog should you desire.

Not only do I love to take photos and write on my blog, but I also enjoy being active on several social media sites. I love to tell people about the businesses and products that I enjoy. I regularly update my blog (3-4 times a week) and promote those posts on Facebook, Pinterest and other blogs.

To inquire about ad space and pricing, please email me. I look forward to hearing from you!