Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars Birthday Party

My son just turned 7 years old and he really wanted to have an Angry Birds Star Wars birthday party. So it was up to me to figure out how to make that happen!
The first thing I worked on the invitations. I found a nice large Angry Birds Star Wars Logo graphic online and used that as a base for my invitations. I found a font that looked like the Angry Birds Font as well as a Star Wars font and used them to add text to the image. It turned out pretty awesome, don't you think?

Next I worked on the party favors/goody bags to send home with his friends. Naturally with any party theme that includes Star wars, we had to make pool noodle light sabers for all his friends.

I LOVE how they turned out, and they were really easy. We just cut the pool noodles in half, and taped the bottoms with chrome duct tape. Then I used black electrical tape to make all the pool noodles look like light saber handles. Each one was different, and the boys LOVED them.

We also sent home a little goody bag. Luckily Angry Birds Star Wars is very popular and I found an abundance of Angry Bird Star Wars goodies at Walmart in their dollar bins. They had pens, pencils, activity packs, notebooks, you name it! We decided to send home a fun activity pack, some coloring pages, a pencil, and Angry Birds Star Wars Bag.

I put the logos on the little black bags myself. I used my craft cutter to make a stencil of the logo and then painted it on with fabric paint. They turned out great!

As you can see, I just used black vinyl tablecloths and paper products. The boys didn't care about that stuff anyway. I did find a really cool double-sided Angry Birds Star Wars banner to print and hang up, which all the boys thought was pretty cool.

 Before long we had everything ready for the party. When the day arrived, Jonah was SO excited for the party to start. He couldn't wait for his guests to arrive.

As soon as the boys arrived, they each got to pick a pool noodle. As you can guess, Jedi battles immediately ensued! The good thing is that with the pool noodle light sabers, no one really gets hurt. Especially when you lay the ground rule of "No hitting above the shoulders".

 As soon as all the boys arrived, we started the games. The first game was called Jedi Lightsaber Battle. We gave each of the boys a cracker tied on a string to put around their necks. The cracker represented their life force. They had to protect their life using their lightsaber (not by covering it with their hand!) If their cracker got broken, then they "died". The last Jedi standing was declared the winner.

Needless to say, the boys loved this game! It is perfect for boys this age group or older. We even ended up playing it more than once, so it was a good thing I made plenty of "cracker necklaces".

After all that lightsaber dueling, the boys were a little out of breath. So we decided to play a round of Angry Bird Star Wars Bingo.

This was a great game to get the boys to sit still for a minute, and they loved it! They got to look for their favorite characters on their game boards, and eat their candy markers when someone got bingo!

I actually made the bingo boards myself in Photoshop. They were based on inspiration I found at an Etsy shop and it was not too hard to create them using images I found online.

We played one other quick game that the boys thought was a lot of fun: Pop the Piggies. I made lots of balloons that looked like stormtrooper pigs. I drew the faces on the with marker and then added the ears.

Pretty cool, huh?
We divided up into two teams and each team had to run across the lawn, grab a pig, and take it back to his team and pop it. Then the next person in line got to go get a pig to pop. The first team done with their balloons won. It was really fun!

After our short games, we started the main game: life-sized Angry Bird Star Wars. A friend of ours recently did an Angry Birds party and built a real sling shot. They were kind enough to let us borrow it. How cool is that?

We used lots of cardboard boxes to create the sets for the boys to shoot down. They had a great time setting up the cardboard boxes. I thought about getting plush Angry Bird Star Wars characters for them to knock down, but decided they were a bit too expensive. So I just printed out images of imperial pigs online and glued them onto boxes.

Honestly I don't think the boys cared that the pictures were just glued on boxes. They just LOVED putting the balls in the slingshot and letting them fly!

We had so much fun stacking the boxes up and then letting the birds go!

The balls had bird faces painted on them and everything. They didn't look exactly like the characters in Angry Birds Star Wars, but nobody seemed to mind at all!

We had so much fun! Before long it was time for the cupcakes. I looked everywhere for cake ideas, but did not want to dish out a ton of money for fondant figures. Nor did I especially feel like making an elaborate cake myself. So here is what we ended up with.

Pretty cool, huh? I found these edible cupcake toppers at a shop called Caketattoos. They are printed with edible ink on edible paper and were so easy to put on the cupcakes. I think they looked great! The boys loved them. The shop even sells images that are large enough to put on a cake. We almost went that route, but cupcakes are always good at a party!

Jonah and his friends absolutely LOVED his party. It was SO much fun that the boys didn't want to leave when their parents came to get them! Now that's what I call a party!

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  1. Wow, GREAT job!!! Looks like an incredible party!

  2. OMGOSH!! What an amazing party. Love it. Especially the '99/00 Chevy 1500 in the background. Best dang truck EVER. But I may be a tad bit bias on that one. :)

    Happy WW Day!
    Chelle from Oh, just stop already

  3. Very cool! The lite sabers are so creative!

  4. That turned out so cool!! Well done, Mommy!

  5. Wow, GREAT job!!! Looks like an incredible party! nice blog post sharing for us. Thanks ...

  6. Awesome! I was wondering if you would share where you found the large graphic for the invitations. Thanks again for posting!

  7. love this! my son is obsessed lol. Do you mind me asking how did you create the invite? in photoshop? and how did you create the extra space on the bottom to make room for your text but still have the same background as the image? (sorry, newbie here)


  8. really good - i'm doing one for much younger kids tomorrow ... eeps

  9. This post inspired a star wars angry birds party for my grandson. Thank you so much. Instead of painting storm trooper pigs on the boxes, my step-daughter and her friend made storm trooper bean bags to balance on top of the boxes. My grandson is younger than your son, so, instead of the slingshot, we had them throw red playground balls at the boxes. My step-daughter also made Jedi robes for the birthday boy and his little brother. They also made table centerpieces with angry bird characters.

    Thanks again! I've got some great pics if you would like to see them.

  10. Thanks for the inspirational post! I was looking for a theme for my grandson's 4th birthday party, and this was perfect. He is way into Star Wars Angry Birds. I got so many good ideas from you!

    My stepdaughter and her friend made storm trooper pig bean bags to balance on top of the cardboard boxes. She also made Jedi robes for the birthday boy and his little brother. And some centerpieces with other star wars angry bird characters. My contribution was to tape up the cardboard boxes, which was about all I was qualified to do. He was a little young for the slingshot, so I got some small red playground balls that he and his friends could throw at the boxes. It worked great.

    Thanks again! I have some great pics from the party, but I'm not sure how to share them.

  11. your ideas are just awesome! I'm "stealing" some of them for my son's bday!!

  12. AWESOME PARTY! Those BINGO sheets look like mine! If anyone is interested, just send them to me! Thanks Honey Mommy!


  13. Great~~ I've an idea for my son's birthday party!!~~ Thank you so much for sharing~