Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sharing the LOVE on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day! We are definitely feeling the love at the Honey House!

Don't you just love all the red, pink and white decorations? I especially love our cute Valentine's mailboxes.

We had these mailboxes last year, but we have added a mailbox for little Miss Aubrey. Good thing I have my Silhouette Cameo so I can cut out vinyl to match. This year I also printed out the little cards for the kids to fill out and put in the mailboxes. We have been having tons of fun with these!

We have also been busy sharing the Valentine's Day love. Look at what I made for Jonah's teacher for Valentine's Day:

It is a pencil bouquet. On the inside are regular pencils with a layer of Valentine's pencils on the outside. We tied a nice red ribbon around them with a heart-shaped note that says, "You're the 'write' teacher for me!". Then I put some nice fake flowers on the top to finish the bouquet. Cute huh? I hope his teacher liked them. I know Jonah was really excited to give them to her. He was really cute about it this morning.

I found a cute glass to put the bouquet in for a "vase". I love how it turned out and I may have to use it again next year.

Here is another Valentine that I may have to make again. Superhero suckers!

We made these for Eli's preschool class, since it is pretty small. But I have to say that it would not be hard to do them on a large scale. Especially with the printable from HERE.

Super cute and super easy! We had a few left over, and Jonah gave those to his friends who are not in his class at school.

I have also had a blast making cute cards and cookies. It has been a fun Valentine's day so far, but now I have to go because the kids are in bed and I finally get to spend some time alone with my Honey. Hooray!

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  1. Love your teacher's Valentine

  2. LOVE all of your adorable crafty items! (Pinterest?)
    The pencil flower holder is super cute and LOVE their super hero Valentine's.

  3. Seriously? I'm going to start calling you Super Mom! Such cute decorations, teachers gifts and Valentine's!

    Hope you had a lovely one. :)

  4. You are so creative and adorable, mama! I love that pencil bouquet. Totally pinning that idea!

    I made these Valentine's Day card for my girls' classes.

  5. that teacher gift is super cute. I bet the kiddos love the superhero valentine lollipops too

  6. What great ideas! Those super hero lollipops are the best! :)

  7. You are KILLING me with all that cuteness! I had so many great ideas but did none of them. I blame the pneumonia. :)

  8. Those are some really adorable ideas! :D

  9. Soooo awesome. I love these. Those suckers are great.

  10. Look at you go. I'm so impressed. Banners, homemade cards. and more? You rock! Love the photos.

  11. Oh my goodness - both of those are such fun ideas!! I will definitely steal the pencil boquet idea for Tommy's teacher next year!!

  12. sooo cute! I love the super suckers.

  13. You're so much fun! I totally forgot to give The Dudes something for Valentine's Day. They didn't seem to care, but still!