Thursday, September 18, 2008

When the Cat's Away, HE Gets to play?!

Yesterday was a pretty long day for me.

After spending the night at my sister's house in a room with my two boys (get much sleep? um.. no), I got up and crammed in as much digital scrapbooking as I could. That part was fun (or as much fun as it can be when there was one kindergartner, two toddlers, two babies and just two adults to take care of them all). I learned some really fun things and decided that I can actually DO this scrapbooking thing (Thanks, Sis.).

Then it was time to pack up and go home. Boo!

We got everything in the car and drove the two hours home. Both boys fell asleep in the car, so I had a moment alone with my splitting headache. Then we got home in time to scarf down dinner and run over to my neighbor's house so I could watch her two kids like I said I would.

When we got home after 9 p.m. (past bedtime!) I got to get the boys ready and in bed. I was exhausted! And I was missing my sweetheart.

So I called my dear hubby who has been away all week at his computer conference in Las Vegas so I could say goodnight to him. The phone call went something like this:

Me: Hi Honey!
Him: Hi!
Me: It sounds noisy, are you out on the Strip?
Him: No, tonight we are at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, remember?
Me: Oh right! As part of the conference entertainment, right?
Him: Yea. Guess what?! I got to ride in a race car on the track and go over 100 mph and I took some pictures of some of the really cool cars they have here. Like this really cool (insert some car name here) and a (pick another car).
Me: Wow. That sounds like I lot of fun. I wish I could be there.
Him: I know.
Me: Do I need to let you go?
Him: No. Right now I am just standing in line to play an eight player racing arcade game.
Me: That sounds like fun. It's nice that it's all included in your conference.
Him: Yea... and I got to eat as many hamburgers and (insert other delicious foods here) as I wanted to.
Me: Wow.
Him: Well it's really noisy and I can't hear you very well, so I guess I'll let you go.
Me: Ok.. I love you.
Him: Love you too, Bye!

After that I just about had to go lay down on my bed and cry.

It's not that I don't think he should have a good time (the nerve of that guy!). I am happy that he is having fun... I just want to be having fun WITH HIM. I want to go to Vegas without the kids and get to go out and play. *sigh*

Oh well. At least he is coming home tomorrow! Maybe he will bring me home something nice.

Guess I will shave my legs in the morning. I haven't bothered since he left. :o)


  1. Awww...hopefully you'll get some time away soon, just the two of you. :) I love to scrapbook but it takes so much concentration for me. I don't know how you did it!

  2. I have no idea how you scrapbooked with that many kids, either. You must be super-mom! I think it takes me like 45 min per page...and that's with NO kids around. I think i'm doing something wrong - perhaps overanalyzing?!

    Glad hubby comes home tomorrow - that's always a sweet relief.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. He gets to do all that at a conference? Sign me up for the next one. I understand your woe completely.
    One more day, yay! All will be well soon.