Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Case of the Mystery Fever

My poor little girl has not been feeling well lately. Just before the weekend she had a fever and was miserable for a few days. No cough, no runny nose, no vomiting... just a fever. Of course she was also extra tired and cranky. I almost took her to the doctor's office, but then her fever broke that morning and I thought we were out of the woods.

Then a few days later her fever came back. All my little girl wanted to do was lay down on the couch and preferably cuddle with Mommy or Daddy. She woke up many times last night, just moaning and wanting Mommy. So we made the trip to the doctor's office to get her checked out. Her ears look fine, so she doesn't have an ear infection. Her lungs sound good and her throat looks fine as well. Basically she is great, except for the fact that she has a fever, doesn't really want to eat and just wants to lay around. Awesome.

The doctor's office told us she has some sort of virus and sent us home. If she doesn't get better by Friday, come back and see us. Great! That is so helpful. In the meantime, I guess I will be spending some time cuddling on the couch... making faces on my iPhone camera to cheer my girl up.

After her nap this afternoon, Miss Aubrey seems to be feeling a little bit better and didn't seem to be quite as hot. Hopefully we are done with this mystery fever! Then my little girl can go back to being her cheerful, happy self and run around the house stealing her brothers' flip flops and being incredibly adorable.

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  1. Poor girl :-( Did they test her for flu? My son had mystery fever also a few weeks back, turned out her had the flu. No other symptoms besides fever and being tired. Hope she feels better!

  2. Poor thing! Hope today brings about a much happier and healthier sweetie in your house :-)

  3. Poor thing!! I hope she feels well again soon!!

  4. My little guy (about the same age) has been the same way! He's been getting a fever on & off for a few days now, but no infection. I'm wondering if he's getting his two-year molars maybe, and that's what's setting him off :(

  5. I hope she shakes this. As I recall my children went through some of these mysterious ailments (especially with rashes - they would have a rash show up one day and be gone by the next - ideopathic I believe they were called). Enjoy the cuddle time (and iPhone pics).

  6. Mystery fevers are miserable. Glad you gave her extra snuggles!!