Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {3•31•13}: Easter Edition

Happy Easter! I spent most of today traveling, but still managed to get my hunt done- hooray! Now I am off to go play Easter bunny.


Today I packed up my kids and headed to my parents' house in Wyoming for Easter. Along the way we saw some very pretty rivers and I had to stop and take a few pictures, even if it made the trip a little longer.


I had some ideas for this prompt, but my week got away from me. Luckily I found an empty nest at my parents' house. I had to climb up a ladder (with snow still on the ground) to get this shot, so it's a good thing it turned out well!


I must be crazy to come to Wyoming for Easter weekend because they still have snow here! At my house the daffodils in my flower beds are just starting to bloom. Here is one of the very first daffodils on the morning it opened up. Flowers don't get any more fresh than this!


Last week I went to an old abandoned house to find my texture photo, and this week I returned there for this old bike seat. This is just how I found the seat, with the rusty chain draped across it.


One ordinary egg amongst all the brightly dyed ones.


  1. These are great! Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. What beautiful photos! Those eggs are so pretty. Empty shot is so lovely and i really like 'weathered' Happy Easter!

  3. Great set. I love that poka dot egg.

  4. We traveled to Ohio yesterday to shop and there were mounds of snow around the parking lot, all the while the sun was out and it was quite pleasant. I'll stop complaining about all our 'blah' days - at least we were not burdened with mounds of snow. You did an excellent job with these and your nest shot is perfect - as are those colorfully decorated eggs (gosh I miss that).

    Happy Easter and safe travels.

  5. Oh, the bicycle seat is great! I love to find things like that. Your egg shot is terrific. Very clever of you to set it up like that.

  6. Wonderful set.
    That "weathered" bicycle seat was a great find.
    Love how you put an "ordinary" white egg into the mix of colored ones.
    Such a pretty pictures for "water" and "fresh"
    Another great find with the "empty" nest & wow climbing a ladder to get the shot, you are dedicated for sure. Happy Easter to you & all your family.

  7. Nice work!
    Love the empty!
    Your weathered has a lovely bokeh background and I like the vintage seat.
    I smiled at your ordinary - very creative.
    Lovely post from start to finish.

  8. I love the entire set! Beautiful! Even the bicycle seat in its own weathered way! NICE!!!

  9. Wonderful job! I love your weathered picture and the empty nest! Your one ordinary egg amongst the brightly colored ones is a genius of an idea, too!

  10. Thanks for the prompts this week - love your Weathered!

  11. I love the egg shot. I didn't even notice it was 'ordinary' until I read the caption.

  12. utterly superb, all of them!!

  13. Yes they are all great. The water is just the way it looks this time of year and it will get better in the next couple weeks. You weathered make my .... hurt thinking about riding on that saddle. Thanks for the visit. Love ya.