Sunday, March 24, 2013

Scavenger Hunt {3•24•13}:
The Late Edition


Chinatown in San Francisco is a wonderful place to visit! This photo is from our anniversary trip last summer, and probably the closest I will ever get to experiencing Asian culture.


There are some industrial buildings in my town that have very wavy sidings. I couldn't choose which picture I liked best, so you get both.


I really can't draw much beyond (very) basic figures. Perhaps that is why I think graffiti and wall murals are so cool. I can't even draw on paper, let alone on a wall with spray paints! This is just some of the great graffiti that I discovered in San Francisco.


Would you believe that it snowed here yesterday?! The snow was soft and fluffy, but it was definitely COLD too!


I went to my favorite old photography house, sure that I could find some lovely textures there. Sure enough this time I found a strange box that housed some sort of machinery. It had been left out in the weather, so it definitely had lots of texture!

Sorry I am SO late with my hunt today. I managed to freeze up the computer last night while it was doing all sorts of things and it took my husband a while to get it back up and running.


  1. Oh what a fun and creative set! You got some amazing shots.

  2. It is about time. I have been checking all day! I love your photos, especially the texture one.

  3. Wonderful shots!
    LOVE the graffiti shots! I know most see it as an eyesore but when it's done well like this I can't help but be impressed.
    I really also like your shot of Chinatown and the texture shot which has that shabby chic look I like.

  4. Better late than never and you certainly supplied some outstanding pictures for the hunt. San Fran was definitely your friend for this week's set of words. Great job!

  5. Good things come to those who wait so don't feel bad. I love your texture photograph so many things going on in that pic. Similarly your asian pic is outstanding all those colors and shapes. Your graffiti is oustanding. Good graffiti and street art is hard to find. And good eye on the seeing the artistic possibilities in old buildings.

  6. These are all wonderful! I love your choice for draw. The poor flowers look so cold! We're getting snow here again right now.

  7. I really like all of your shots this week, especially the graffiti .

  8. Those graffiti shots are so cool. And I am Loving your soft photos. Always a pleasure to stop in here and see what you found on the hunt...

  9. What a fun "Asian" shot...and I love your take on "soft"!

  10. What lovely photos. Asian, soft and texture are great and i just love that graffiti. It really can be can't it? Thanks for viewing my collection :)

  11. simply LOVE everything here, as usual. I now want to do mine all over again and use old photos that would make for a much nicer collection. I put pressure on myself to find everything whilst at the park this week :( Silly idea.

  12. I'm with you on the grafitti! So much of it is art!!! There are the ones that are just gang related that I wish they wouldn't paint, but the pictures are fabulous!