Saturday, March 16, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {3•17•13}
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This week's Scavenger Hunt prompts were all geared towards today's holiday, which made it something of a challenge!


Two years ago we were extremely lucky to welcome this beautiful little girl into our family! Oh how we love this girl! Today was Miss Aubrey's birthday and we had a fabulous day together!


This was the hardest prompt by far! I don't own anything that is Irish, nor is Utah known for its Irish population or celebrations. Luckily when I went to the school this week I found these cute leprechauns that my son's class made!


Today we celebrated Miss Aubrey's birthday (and the lovely warm day) by going to the park to play with friends. We fed the ducks, rode scooters, played on the playset, and had a marvelous time!

Pot of Gold

I thought this was going to be the hardest prompt, but it turned out to be the easiest! The crocuses are currently in bloom outside in my flower bed. Aren't they gorgeous?!


It is too early for us to have any green clover around. Luckily I found some garland that was covered with shiny clovers!

p.s. Don't forget to check out my list of St. Patrick's Day books!


  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Cutie Pie. The leprechauns are too cute (miss those fun school art projects from my little, er, big kiddos).

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Happy Birthday little angel!
    Love those crocuses, so beautiful xxx
    Happy St. Paddy's Day from N.Ireland!

  3. Happy birthday to Miss A!! I was stumped by Irish too (and I live in Boston!)

  4. Lots of great shots once again. LOVE your clover shot. And your little girl is the cutest.. Happy Birthday to her..

  5. Nice photographs. Congratulations on your daughter's second birthday. I love your Crocuses.

    I went to grade school in Utah (way back when the earth's crust had just started cooling down) and I don't remember a thing about Saint Patrick's Day.

  6. Gorgeous photos. Happy Birthday to your little girl, how cute is she?! I love those hand made leprechauns how sweet.

  7. Happy birthday Miss Aubrey! That photo of her sleeping is adorable. Looks like you had a beautiful week.

  8. Delightful set. You are lucky indeed to have such a sweet and cute little girl, Happy BDay Miss Aubrey.
    Daylight is very sweet and how nice that you had such a wonderful day to celebrate.
    Loved those Irish Leprachans too.

  9. I thought this one was really hard, too, but next week's is going to be murder for me. You did really good! Love the leprechauns the kids made! And those flowers are beautiful!

  10. followed your comment on another photo blog. I never thought of the lack of Irish in Utah. We have so many around Chicago. good looking kids

  11. Love the "Pot of Gold". We're still a couple of weeks away from backyard blooms. I couldn't get my brain engaged this week, but I am enjoying cruising the net and looking at other's work. Nicely done.

  12. Beautiful flowers! I could use some of those in the yard!

  13. Your little girl is a cutie and what a wonderful age! Happy Belated Birthday to her.
    Loved the leprechauns and your clover shot is a creative masterpiece!

  14. These are all great shots for the prompts... they were tough this week. Love your pot of gold!

  15. Happy Bday to your lil Lucky... Love the balloons in her crib. Those leprechauns are adorable - great that you ran across them. I love your book lists!! Even though my girls are in their 30's I recognize some of those titles & authors.

  16. Beutiful pot of gold. I like the clover shot too.