Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wet and Wild Summer Fun

We have started our second session of swimming lessons this summer, so right now our summer days mainly consist of swimming lessons and splash pads!

The boys were both nervous about having different teachers, but they both really like their new teachers! I think these ladies are doing a great job with my boys.

It is amazing to me that Jonah is getting really close to being able to swim by himself. His teacher will often let go of him to see how well he is doing. I am impressed that he is so brave and talented!

Eli is a bit over-enthusiastic at times, but his teacher is patient with him and he IS getting better at following directions, which is really great!

After swimming lessons we often go to the splash pad nearby. The kids love it there, and I figure they are already in their swimsuits so they may as well have at it!

Plus it gives Miss Aubrey a chance to get wet and have fun. She loves the water!

The great part about the splash pad is that there is a park next to it. So the kids can play in the water OR go play on the playground, which has some pretty unique equipment.

As you can see, the playground is a little atypical. Instead of steps and slides, it has cables to climb, a donut-shaped merry-go-round thingy, and poles to twirl on. Maybe the kids like it because it is so different.

I can let the boys go off and play, but I have to keep an eye on Aubrey. Although she is mobile, she doesn't have enough common sense yet to know what things may end up with her getting hurt. Luckily when she stays at the splash pad I can keep my eye on her!

We finally left the splash pad to go home for Miss Aubrey's nap. Would you believe on the drive home we actually saw some deer?! They were just hanging out in somebody's front yard!

Good thing I had my camera with me!

The boys were pretty impressed to see the deer so close up! Of course we had to stop and take a few pictures, which I think turned out pretty well!

What a fun way to end our trip to the splash pad. We have been having some wet, fun and busy summer days! I think that is the best kind, don't you?

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  1. what a fun way to spend your summer days!

    And the deer.. wow!

  2. Good for your boys! I am 31 and still do not know how to swim. I hate water in my face.

  3. Good for the boys! I was a camp counselor the past two summers and watching the kids pick up swimming skills was so awesome!

  4. Swimming is great. ;) My little girl is six and will start swimming lessons this fall, at school. I am so nervous. :P

  5. Looks like you are having a fun summer with swim lessons and splash pads. Love your deer pics.

  6. I have just commented on another post with a splash pad! They look fab! Great photos!

  7. Hey, we just found a park in St. George with the same unique toys. They really are different and fun!

  8. Love your pictures this week! Totally fun water shots, and I love how you can see the fuzz on the deers antlers!

  9. Oh wow, such great shots of the deer! And that park looks like a place we could stay ALL day! :D