Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweet Splash Shots

Sometimes the best shots are the unexpected and unplanned.

For a photo challenge I was given "splash" for a prompt and I had something specific in mind for my shot. I was going to take a cookie splash picture. Ever heard of cookie splash? Apparently it was all the rage a few years ago. You place a cup of liquid and cookies in your shot, and then you photograph the splash when you drop something into the cup.

Sounds fun, huh? I thought so too... until I tried it. I failed miserably! I used up all my cookies and didn't get one good picture. It turns out that my DSLR does not have a high enough ISO for me to set the shutter speed fast enough to capture the splash. I was so bummed!

So I decided to "just" take pictures of water drops splashing into my Pyrex bake ware. I got out my 9x13 pan and filled it with water. Then I filled a baggie with water and hung it over the pan. I poked a hole in the baggie and started snapping. I took over 200 pictures, but I got some that I think are pretty awesome!

I was amazed at the funny shapes the water produced! I even got some good splashes.

Of course there were over a hundred pictures that were complete duds, but I think it was worth it to get these fun shots.

This last photo is my absolute favorite! It is my sweet shot for the week.

Sometimes to find your sweet shot you just have to experiment and let things happen. But most of all, don't give up trying because your first idea isn't working! Something better may be just around the bend.

Sweet Shot Day


  1. These are fantastic! My favourite is the last one too. Well done for turning it around... I would have got frustrated and walked away after the cookies didn't work. :)

  2. Perfect! You did a great job. And your patience is admirable as well :)

  3. Those are amazing photographs. I just love them!!!

  4. You got some great captures! I hope somebody got to enjoy the cookies nonetheless. :) This is definitely on my list of things to try.

  5. These are totally awesome! Who cares if you took 100 or 1000's all digital now...that's what the delete button is for!

  6. These are amazing!! I agree your favorite is my favorite!!

  7. Wow, stunning! The third shot is a favourite.

    Erika B

  8. We did this technique in college... Always fun to add food colouring as well or have jazzy paper underneath your glassware to refract the pattern. Good job... Good light is essential though right and waterproof surrounding.. Heheeee

  9. I love these! I stumbled across your blog and found these. I am helping my daughter with her 4-H pictures so we tried this. We need to work on it a bit more but she is hoping to create something for the fair in a few weeks! Thanks for the inspiration!