Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life Interrupted

You may have noticed that I have not posted for a little while.

It is not that I have not had anything to post about. On the contrary, last week there was a bit too much happening and I needed some time to gather my thoughts and sort out my emotions.

You see, on Tuesday I went in for my annual OB appointment. So fun, right? My appointment was routinely boring... right up until the nurse told me that she found a small lump in my breast. "I am pretty sure it is just a cyst," she said. "But I think you should go get a mammogram to have it checked out."

A lump?! Probably just a cyst... but what if it isn't? What if...? Of course my mind immediately ran through the worst case scenario, which is breast cancer. Needless to say, I was a bit freaked out.

My mammogram is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I am only 35, so I have never had a mammogram before. I am not exactly excited about it, but I have finally gotten past feeling scared and now am a little more hopeful. I hope the nurse was right. I hope it is just a cyst, and nothing more. I guess I will find out soon.

Several of my friends have been very supportive and kind enough to spend time with me while I have been sorting through this. I went to the park with a dear friend the next day to relax and hang out. Our kids were having a great time at the park and I did what I always do... I took pictures.

Jonah was being such a great big brother, helping his little sister go down the slide! She loved every minute of it. I was loving it too, right up until my camera shutter went click..shrrr. Then the screen on the back went black with a lovely Err99 message, basically telling me that my camera would not take any more pictures.

When I got home and downloaded the pictures on the card, this is what the last picture of the set looked like:

Uh-oh! That's not good. See that black thingy in front of the picture? That is part of my shutter.

So I ended up taking my camera to a repair shop. Sure enough. The shutter mechanism somehow completely broke... while I was using the camera! Luckily it can be repaired, to the tune of $170. But that is cheaper than getting a new camera, so I left my camera at the shop.

You can see why last week was a bit of a toughie, right?

I have felt like I have been missing my right arm for the last few days! It was a good thing the repair shop was quick and I got my camera back the other day. Now I need to get shooting again! Taking pictures makes me happy, so it really is like therapy for me.

Thanks for listening to my tales of woe! I will keep you posted on the mammogram and whatnot.

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  1. hey there girl... nice to see you around. Me too.. not 'feeling' blogging much lately... combination of bad weather and a lot on at work. eeeek.
    Good luck with Mammogram tomorrow... we are same age and no I wouldn't know what to expect either.
    jennie. x

  2. OH goodness honey, I'm sorry you week didn't go so well and that you are worried. I know that's a horrible feeling. I hope everything turns out just fine. xo

  3. I can relate with the fear....that fear of the unknown and what if. I've been there at my dermatologist many times. Hang in there and we'll all be praying for the best results. As far as your camera....yikes on that piece of the shutter making its way into your pictures. Hopefully the repair goes smoothly.