Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Pirate's Life for Me!

I love all the fun, free programs that are offered at our local library! We have been attending Story Time and Wee Read for nearly four years now! Wow!

Last Saturday they had a Pirate Party which was for boys only, so of course I had to take my little pirates. They had so much fun!

First they dressed the part. The library provided all the pirates a hat if they did not have one. We happened to have a pretty cool pirate hat.

Do you like Eli's mean pirate face? He really had fun acting like a pirate. I think he is cute, regardless!

Then they got to make a parrot to sit on their shoulder. How clever is that?! They colored the parrot, attached some feathers, and then glued it onto a clothespin.

The boys also got to dig for buried jewels and gold, swab the deck, cross the ocean, and walk the plank. I loved all the decorations!

I loved how creative all the activities were, and how much fun they were for the boys. Our favorite activity by far was the sword fighting!

Each pirate got his own sword (hooray for pool noodles!), as well as a cracker on a string around his neck. The cracker represented their "life", so the goal was to keep their cracker safe while breaking as many other pirate's crackers as they could. What could be more fun for a group of boys?!

I think we are going to steal this sword-fighting game for our upcoming Lego Star Wars Party. It should be a blast!
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  1. WOW! That's some story time! Ours are never quite that elaborate. I love it all from the parrot to the sword fighting crackers. That is so cool. I think I may need to host a pirate play date and borrow some of these ideas. ;-)

  2. Oh that is so precious! My grandson would love this theme. Great shots♥

  3. that is super fun and creative. my boys would love something like that. Too bad more places aren't that fun and creative for free!

  4. That is so fun and creative. Love that first photo.

  5. Looks like the party was a HIT! So fun. Great photos, too!