Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seven Month Old Sweetheart

Can you believe that my baby girl is already 7 months old?! Where has the time gone?

My beautiful girl is growing by leaps and bounds. She is rolling all over the place, and starting to move herself around with her arms. It will only be a matter of time before she starts to crawl! We have started to feed her oatmeal, which she loves. Aubrey can sit up by herself and play with toys in front of her. This is one of my favorite baby stages... where she can move around, but not very fast!

It is so much fun to watch her play and learn. She is such a happy girl!

Look at how long her hair is getting! Before I know it I am going to have to actually DO someone's hair in this house (besides my own!). I had four sisters growing up, so I think I am up for the challenge. :o)

We love our little sweetheart. Her brothers adore her and she has Mommy and Daddy wrapped around her little fingers. Isn't she just the cutest baby girl ever?

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  1. I love the smile. Boy is the hair growing. She also has grandpa and grandma wrapped up also. Love those pictures.

  2. So cute!! Isn't it fun to have a little girlie after 2 boys. I think the boys love it just as much as I do!! (although being the younger sister of 2 brothers myself I am doomed once her hair requires "do-ing"!!)

  3. Good grief that's a cute kid!!!! And holy crud monkeys, time is FLYING! I swear you just posted about having her!

  4. I'm sure she will be keeping up with her brothers in no time

  5. Love that smile, and the fancy hair band.

  6. My gosh, she is so cute. You took wonderful pictures of her.