Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sayonara Soccer Season

We are officially finished with soccer this Fall! We will not be playing soccer again until the Spring season in March.

In some ways it will be nice to be done with soccer for a while, but I sure will miss watching my boy play! For our last practice, I let Jonah wear his dad's old soccer uniform. I couldn't believe it when Grandma sent us this uniform that my husband wore when he was little!

It's a little bit big, but I think he looks great!

Saturday was our last game. So I took Jonah on the sidelines and took our "official" soccer shot. How cute is this boy?

We enjoyed the last game. Daddy and Aubrey had a fun time on the sidelines while I took pictures.

It was a little chilly, but not too bad. When he was on the sidelines, Jonah wore his winter hat to keep warm. I realized that I had not snapped any pictures of him watching his team, so I took a quick picture. Check out the dirt on his uniform- what a player!

This was my favorite shot of the game. Jonah running away with the ball. My boy sure is fast!

It will be fun to see how different the team is in the spring when the kids are a little bigger, older, and wiser. Hopefully they will still have just as much fun!

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  1. Awww. Sooo very cute. I want Dustyn to do soccer next year.

  2. That's so cool that your hub's mom still had his old soccer uniform and your son got to wear it!

  3. My oldest is playing for his 5th season and it does get a bit more competitive but it's SO fun to watch them play as they grow and learn more skills.

    Love that he has his Dad's uniform - so fun!

  4. looks like fun time! very cute pictures!

  5. Great shots. I think the shirt looks great on him. Such a cool story. Also love the picture of Aubrey and daddy.


  6. So cute! I can't wait to get the boys into soccer!!

  7. How special it must be for you & your husband to see your little guy in his Dad's uniform - full circle. Love the photo of your bub and your husband at the soccer - she has an adorable smile as if to say she knows exactly where she's at, just chilling out with her Dad.

  8. Great soccer photos. Your boy is so cute. We still have 2 weeks left to our season.

  9. Love that he wore Daddy's soccer uniform! I'm a little jealous that your season is over, lol. We're only about halfway through here.

  10. Great pictures! Your kids are gorgeous. I just found your blog through the Wordless Wednesday link up and started following.

  11. soccer is a great sport. will your younger son be able to play soon too? I'll be happy and sad when our season ends on the 29th. We will be starting basketball in Jan then back to soccer in the spring

  12. So CUTE! And how cool he got to wear the uniform his dad wore when he was little - following in his footsteps! :)

    Finally Decked Out For Fall

  13. precious photos! I have a new photo blog... will you check it out?