Friday, October 21, 2011

Orange Crush

I think orange is one of the those colors that you either love... or really don't. I think orange is a bright and cheerful color! I especially love it paired with pink on baby clothes (though I have no pictures of my baby girl for this post, sorry!).

The leaves in our neck of the woods are not orange yet, so I had to look around to find some orange. There are actually quite a few bright patches of orange around, due to the orange berries on pyracantha bushes. I think they are gorgeous!

Of course I took a pumpkin shot...

and some beautiful light orange flowers I found in my neighbor's yard.

Last but not least, would you believe that part of my fence is actually orange?

Not because I love orange so much.... but because the previous owners stained it that color and we haven't gotten around to painting over it or replacing the fence!

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge


  1. A beautiful variety of shades in this post, gorgeous photos! Those berries are incredible :)

    Thanks for taking part in the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge, I hope you'll join us again next week for the colour red!

  2. Beautiful photos!!

    Natasha xx

  3. I love the collections of orange! The berries are beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing on Foto Friday,

  4. I'm loving the orange berries! So pretty. :)
    Thanks for joining us in the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge. I hope you'll be back again next week when we move on to our new theme, RED! Have a great weekend.

  5. I LOVE me some orange! I actually really like the fence.

  6. I've never seen those berries before, but they are perfect for this week. Beautiful captures. Thanks so much for joining the Shades of Autumn Challenge! Next up is red!

  7. I love the range of orange you shared in your beautiful shots. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I love orange... Such a homely, warm colour. Beautifully shot .
    Jennie. X