Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Viva Bike Vegas 2010 and the Big Surprise

Friday morning we loaded up our van and headed for Las Vegas! Not for a weekend of drinking or gambling... we went for a weekend of bicycling!

Saturday morning Honey Daddy and I participated in Viva Bike Vegas. My parents and sister-in-law also rode while my father-in-law entertained the boys in his camper. The boys had a great time, and so did we!

This year the big draw for this bike ride was the chance to be one of the first to ride across the new Hoover Dam bypass bridge, which is not even open for traffic yet. Apparently only 800 people registered for Viva Bike Vegas last year, and this year there were well over 1500 registered! I admit that riding across the dam was one of the main reasons we decided to ride this year.

The course turned out to be a bit more challenging than I expected. The beginning of the ride was great! We rode out of Las Vegas with police stopping traffic and it was downhill, fast and fun. Then the hill climbing began. It seemed that there were very few level parts of the course. You were either going up a hill or down one.  There was some beautiful scenery though!

Since Honey Daddy is faster than I am, he got to ride by himself while I rode with his sister. The funny thing is that before the ride she was talking herself down, saying she didn't know if she could keep up with me. Then she totally kicked my trash going up the hills and ended up in front of me for quite a while!

Of course that may have something to do with the fact that I am four months pregnant. Wait! You didn't know that? Well, now you do! I am due in March, so this will definitely be my last ride this year.

The only part of the ride that was anticlimactic for me was actually riding across the bridge. As you can see from the above picture, we couldn't really see Hoover Dam or much at all while we were riding across the bridge because of the concrete barriers. Plus we didn't actually get to ride across the bridge. Only to the halfway point because we couldn't cross to the Arizona side. Kind of silly if you ask me!

So I managed to do the 42 miles I planned on. Honey Daddy did a great job, especially considering the fact that we didn't have much time to really train this year, what with the re-roofing of our house and his new job. He managed to complete about 84 miles before the heat and knee pain got to him.

It was a fun ride, but I think next year we will stick to the Tour de St. George and some of our other favorites. After I have the baby I hope to get riding again and complete my fifth century (100 miles) before the end of next year.

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  1. Nice way to sneak that in! lol. Congrats!

  2. YAY!!!!! Congrats on the pregnancy girly!!!! How exciting. And GOOOOO you for doing that ride. You are amazing. I hope to one day accomplish something like that. It is on my list of things to do. One day :)

    Thanks for linking up this week. Love seeing your post. Have a great rest of the week and take care of that little bun in the oven.

    xo, Supermom Alysha

  3. YAY!!! Congrats on everything!! I love having pregnant friends!!

    I am so impressed with how much you rode!! I could hardly walk a block my first few months, I don't know how you rode a bike up hill!!!

  4. How exciting!!! Congrats!! Can't wait to hear all about the pregnancy!

    And WOW doing that ride is awesome! I would have rode down all the hills and hit the 1st uphill climb and said YEP I'm all done!

  5. Congratulations!!! So exciting!

    That scenery is amazing. So why couldn't you cross into Arizona?

  6. what gorgeous scenery. And congrats on that, while pregnant... that is really great. And what a neat way to "sneak in" that news. Congrats to all 4 of you, can't wait to see your newest bundle of joy

  7. 42 miles. OH MY WORD!
    And so happy for you about the baby! Wishing you all the best as your little family grows by a new human! : ) XO

  8. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOO! I am a new follower from Wordish Wednesday. Hope you can follow back


  9. Whoa! Congratulations!! Just snuck that one by us.
    That is pretty great that you were able to participate in this last ride. At four months in both of my pregnancies, I was just getting my energy back. You rock!

  10. What a lovely way to see that view! Congrats. Thanks for sharing and linkin up for WW!

  11. Wow! Congratulations about everything! How exciting to be having a new baby!!!

  12. WOW!!! What an accomplishment for being 4 month pregnant! And, the scenery looks amazing!

  13. Congrats to you and your hubby! On both fronts bike and baby.

    Your blog title totally got me here as my username and person emaill are all Honeysmom

    I am coming by today THURSDAY from Parenting By Dummies to follow some new blogs.

    So I'm following you now.

    Shibley Smiles

  14. Oh, so happy for you!!! Congratulations! Do your boys know yet? :)