Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas

Oh my word! Our weekend trip left me totally exhausted and Monday I could barely function. Maybe it has something to do with being four months pregnant, driving 6 hours to Vegas, riding 42 miles in Viva Bike Vegas on Saturday, and then driving home on Sunday.

Then yesterday my youngest had a stomach bug, so we have mostly been hanging out at home. Instead of showing you pictures of a sick boy or tired mommy, I decided to show you some of the fun we had in Vegas. The evening following our bike ride we had just enough energy to take the boys to Fremont Street, which was not too far from our hotel.

Our excursion was timed absolutely perfectly. We found a place to park and walked 1/2 block to Fremont Street. Within 10 minutes of our getting there the show started. While we were waiting we walked around and showed the boys some of the iconic sights like Vegas Vic, the famous 50 foot tall winking neon cowboy:

and the Glitter Gulch Cowgirl.

We also saw our share of impersonators. From rock stars and showgirls to comic book heroes.

This was all very fascinating to the boys, but not nearly as cool as the show! The neon lights and signs dimmed and the music started. We got to hear "American Pie" by Don McLean, which was cool because we could all sing along.

The boys loved watching the colors and images on the canopy overhead. I thought the show was pretty cool too!

Check out how wide the boys eyes were! It was hard to get a good picture of how excited they were by the show because of the low lighting and the fact that they kept moving their heads to watch the different pictures go by.
Even though we were tired, I'm glad we took the time to take the boys to see Fremont Street. They absolutely loved it! It didn't take us very long to get back to the hotel, which was great because we were all ready to crash for the night!

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  1. Very cool! Looks like a very exciting evening. Love the sleeping boys too.

  2. That does sound like a whirlwind trip! Enjoyed the pictures... thanks! :)

    p.s. Congratulations on being pregnant! That's wonderful.

  3. I just love that pic of the boys with their eyes round with wonder at all they see. :) Looks like you had a super fun time.

  4. You are really amazing. I have no idea how you work as hard as you do! WOW! : ) The show looks fun and the boys sure do look excited : )

  5. Ya know we never went to the Freemont Street Experience and saw the show when we lived there. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  6. What a great experience!! I have never been to Vegas, but my hubby told me that I would love Fremont St. Definitely looks like the boys loved it!!!