Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week of Cell Phone Pics

After taking a week off from my Project 365, I gave it another try. This time I ended up taking quite a few pictures with my cell phone... but whatever works, right?

Day 274: Potty Training Nightmare
October 1: Note to self: taking your potty-training son to a party at a large and gorgeous home in underwear is just asking for a horrific accident, no matter how well he's been doing. While at my husband's mission reunion, little Eli proceeded to poop his pants before telling me he needed to go potty. Of course I didn't realize this until after I had pulled his pants down and managed to get poop on my hands, his shirt, and his pants! Yuck!

So I text my husband to go get the spare underwear and pants from the van. He didn't answer. While cleaning up the shirt in the sink, Eli on the potty decides to send a golden stream right onto the rug. This is SO not helping!! Why isn't Honey Daddy coming with new underwear/clothes?! My face is getting red. So I am standing in the bathroom with a naked boy, washing the shirt, etc. and cleaning him up in the shower while he screams about it. Finally I call Honey Daddy on the phone and he gets me the spares. At this point I am physically and emotionally spent. Eli spends the rest of the evening in a diaper, pants and a wet shirt. *sigh*

Day 275
October 2: While in a public location I saw the above restroom signs, which I thought were pretty confusing. Obviously the first one is the men's restroom, but who exactly can use the second one? Everyone? I thought maybe it was supposed to be the family restroom, except then there would be no women's restroom and the door didn't lock. I don't know about you, but I'm not particularly keen on sharing a restroom with random men!
Day 276
October 3: My sister-in-law came to visit over the weekend, and we took a trip to temple square in Salt Lake City to attend general conference. I didn't want to bring my camera, but I thought this picture from my cell phone was pretty awesome.
Day 277

October 4: We have spent a lot of time driving in the past four days and finally Eli had enough of it and completely passed out. It cracked me up to look behind me in the van and see him back there, mouth agape.
Day 278
October 5: It has been a gray and soggy week. We went from 80 degrees last week to 60 degrees this week, with rain every day. I am hoping that when this storm blows through we will get to experience my favorite set of temperatures... the 70s!

Day 279
October 6: I went on a bike ride and thought the clouds at sunset were lovely. So I took a picture with my cell phone camera. Not bad, huh?

Day 280
October 7: Another rainy, wet day. I thought the reflection of the trees on the wet sidewalk was interesting to look at.

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  1. You have had one busy/crazy week!

    My daughter (who has been potty trained for a year now) has decided to pee all over the floor and herself 4 times this week. *sigh*

  2. what an experience that evening was! yikes!! Love your tree shots!

  3. Your cell phone camera is awesome! Wow! I love the one of the temple, and the sky, and Eli asleep is too cute.

    That is quite the potty training nightmare. Brought back so many memories as I read the tale. What we moms go through, huh? No one could prepare you for that. :)

  4. LOVE the sleeping pic! Wish I could sleep that deeply. :o)

  5. Oh! I remember those potty training nightmares vaguely... Very, very vaguely. And I don't remember them with any fondness at all : (

  6. That is one great cell phone picture!! I love the shot of the sky, too. This is such a beautiful time of year!

  7. Oh, girl! I am right there with you on the potty thing! My darling 2.5 year old (who was almost completely potty trained about a month ago) decided this week she cares nothing about the potty anymore. Our baby's dedication service was Sunday and she went through all 5 pairs of underwear before the service and we had to get a diaper from a friend. Glad I'm not the only one dealing with those embarrassing moments!

  8. that was a potty training nightmare. I love the sky picture it actually looks like a beach picture

  9. I'd laugh but then I DO remember back to those potty-training days! :)

    Your cell phone is awesome!

  10. That's a pretty decent cell phone! My photos are never that good. I love the open mouth are so cute sleeping. Good thing he's a cutie after that horrific potty story. I hope he gets the hang of it soon. Potty training is tough. I'm not looking forward to training my youngest.

  11. Your cell takes great pics!! Mine does NOT.

    I am oh so grateful that my potty training days are behind me!!

  12. Oh what a nightmare!! I would be flipping out in the bathroom!!

  13. Great cell phone pictures. And I am so sorry about the poop incident.

    FYI- I still have never received the shabby apple dress :(