Thursday, August 26, 2010

Canning to the Moon and Back:
A Photo A Day: Week 34

Day 231
August 19: I know that every time it's late and I haven't taken a photo for the day, inevitably I take one of the moon. In my defense, isn't the moon spectacular?

Day 232
August 20: Today the boys and I went to the county fair with some friends. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. Growing up in Wyoming the county fair was a big deal. The Utah County fair did not have nearly as many animals, displays, or exhibits as I expected. Oh well! At least the company was great and the old tractors were cool.

Day 233
August 21: Our peach tree outside is starting to drop fruit like crazy. So today I canned 14 quarts of peach pie filling. I can't wait to put this yummy stuff inside a flaky crust and cover it all with ice cream!

Day 234
August 22: Today's late night picture is of Jonah fast asleep. Good thing my boys are such sound sleepers. They don't even notice when the flash goes off!

Day 235
August 23: Today I picked tons of tomatoes and a whole pile of peaches. I thought this bushel of peaches was particularly lovely. I have already bottled so many peaches and given a bunch away. So these peaches would be more lovely if they could preserve themselves!

Day 236
August 24: Today we went to the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. It was $2 Tuesday, so we all went for a great price. Luckily we went later in the day and the museum wasn't too crowded. The boys had a great time with mommy and daddy, looking at the dinosaur bones.

Day 237
August 25: This week has been so busy with all the canning I've been doing while trying to continue to fix meals and keep the house relatively clean. Today was especially busy and this evening I was desperate for a bike ride. I didn't make it out until it was getting dark, but luckily I have really great headlights for my bike. The moon looked lovely, so I took another picture of it.

Day 238
August 26: While picking fruit earlier in the week we caught this little guy. Today we decided to let him go. Jonah had a great time watching the grasshopper crawl all over his hand... right up until it pinched his hand with it's mandibles. Then the fun was over! I was pretty sure Jonah was not mortally wounded, but he cried and howled and said "Mommy, I never want to catch another grasshopper ever again!". Somehow, probably because he is a boy, this statement just made me laugh.

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  1. I'm literally drooling over your peach pie filling. It looks DELISH!

  2. awesome pics! That reminds me I have to go out and get a shot of the moon, lol. It's all orangy!

    LOVE that pic of your little one sleeping! So sweet!

  3. you are a busy mommy--and I agree, the moon is spectacular.

  4. I just found your blog. I love all the pictures and yummy canning going on. We have a garden on our farm and come tomato time we are very busy bees!!!

    I am a new follower too!!

  5. I'm coveting your peaches. They look so woderful. And the jars look so pretty!

    The worms got the lion's share of our peaches this year. One of these days, I'm determined to figure out what and when to spray on the trees to prevent that.

  6. I am LOVING your basket full of peaches! Makes me wish i was your next door neighbor :)

  7. is that all form one tree?? all those peaches - your kitchen must smell divine!

  8. Love the pictures! Those peaches look fabulous!

  9. how cool is it that you have a peach tree that produces so much sweet yummy goodness. I had to laugh at the grasshopper comments... yes something tells me that the next time he will be all over it again

  10. Mmmmm, peach pie filling. Your moon shots are gorgeous.

  11. Someday I'm going to take wonderful moon shots like yours....
    I love your bushel of peaches, they look so yummy.

  12. Beautiful pics!! Those peaches look delish, and being from the peach state, I know peaches! ;)

  13. Your pictures are awesome. I mean AWESOME! I have never shot the moon. I must. Those are amazing images. I love when you throw moon shots up there. And those peaches? Nothing but yummy fantasticness! I LOVE them! Gorgeous images this week!

  14. LOVE that peach shot. Just makes them look so yummy. And that cricket shot is cool. And your moon shots are way better then I ever get.

  15. Fabulous set of photos! What lens are you using for the moon??

  16. I love canning!! I just made some peach baby food a couple of weeks back for my little girl :) I snuck some tastes though!