Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Proud Mama at the Pool

Every day for the past week or so we have been hanging out at the pool. I would like to say we were enjoying sun and sand, but we were actually at the pool for swimming lessons.

Jonah has been a bit timid when it comes to the water, so we decided it would be good for him to take swimming lessons. So I signed both the boys up and headed for the pool.

I did not think that Jonah would even come close to passing his class because he didn't like putting his head under the water. In order to pass the class he would need to do 10 bobs in the water, which didn't seem very likely to me.

I am happy to say that I have been pleasantly surprised! Jonah has taken to the water like a little fish. By the fourth day he was putting his entire head under the water multiple times! I was so amazed.

Instead of getting out of the water with dry hair, he comes out wet all over every time. It makes me so proud!

Eli has been enjoying his little class as well. It has been nice for me that I haven't had to try to keep him out of the water and entertained!

So both boys LOVE swimming lessons! They get to play games in the water and splash around with their teacher and friends. Jonah is having so much fun that the first thing he asks me each morning is if we get to go to swimming lessons today.  Guess maybe we'll sign up for a second session later in the session.


  1. yeah! So glad it worked out and they are both enjoying themselves :)

    And they look adorable as well!

  2. glad they are enjoying swim lessons. I really need to do this with my boys. it is such a gift to love the water and be safe while enjoying it

  3. I think this will be me next year uh-oh lol

  4. That is awesome! Hayden loves swimming too. :)

  5. Great Photos! Looks like they are enjoying swim lessons! I know I always did as a child!

  6. YAY!! That is awesome!!

    We have been spending the summer at the pool, too. This is my son's 2nd year in swim lessons.

  7. Thats great!! Sometimes it having all the other kids around them doing it that gives them the confidence!

  8. Yeah! I don't know what I would do if my kids didn't like the water.

    Eli looks so tiny sitting on the edge of the pool. :)