Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Picture a Day: Week 27

Day 183
July 2: Woke my boys up really early to go see the hot air balloons at the Provo Freedom Festival (more pictures here). We had a fabulous time even though the weather aloft was not good enough for them to launch any of the balloons. So my perfect picture of the balloons in the air was not to be... but I did get some nice shots.

Day 184
July 3: Around here when the Fourth of July is on Sunday, our local celebrations are usually on Saturday or  Monday. So Saturday we woke the boys up in the evening to go to the fireworks. The boys had a great time watching and listening to all the BOOMs! Honey Daddy and I had a great time practicing our firework photography skills. There were tons of great pics, but this is my favorite.

Day 185
July 4: Since the Fourth of July was on Sunday, we didn't really do much to celebrate. We did our regular church-going thing, had a nice meal and then spent time together as a family. Just before the boys went to bed I remembered to get out the sparklers, which the boys thought were great!

Day 186
July 5: My boys know that the best way to eat a Popsicle is to get it all over your face and your clothes. At least he enjoyed it, right?

Day 187
July 6: Jonah and Eli started swim lessons today. I am happy to say that they both did pretty well. I was pleasantly surprised at how brave Jonah was in particular with putting his face and head under water. The boys told me that they LOVE swimming lessons!

Day 188
 July 7: Today Eli discovered that he LOVES to scribble and make beautiful artwork for Mommy. I am not sure whether his hands or the paper end up becoming more colorful.

Day 189
July 8: At swim lessons today I took more pictures of the kids... but I figured I would try to spare you swimming pool pictures every day for the next 2 weeks. So instead I took a picture of the lane dividers all wound up on a spool.

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  1. looks like it was hair cut time again. love the popsicle picture.. hey if you are going to get it might as well enjoy it to it's fullest

  2. You are making life so fun for your kids!!! You find the best places to go and activities to do!

  3. Did you notice our wording about the 4th of July on a Sunday was almost exactly the same? Great minds, right?

    I LOVE the pic of the three lined up on the side of the pool. So. Cute.

  4. I'm with cecily on the poolside shot--but I really do like them all.

  5. wow! so pretty.
    Love the pic of firecrackers and Eli scribbling.

  6. aw I love the popsicle photo!! If i could get away with eating my popsicles like that I would!! ha

  7. I love the hot air balloon! It's awesome!

  8. Great job on the fireworks -- it took me forever to figure out how to take them.

    I think your hot air balloon shot is wonderful, I'm sorry they didn't fly for you. If you're interested Eden has a balloon festival in August, and there's usually one out on Antelope Island over Labor Day.

  9. The fireworks shots are fantastic.

    And, the kiddos waiting for their lesson by the pool are adorable.

  10. I love the balloons and the fireworks. You always take such great photos!

  11. Nice group of shots. They scream summer.