Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Photo a Day: Week 28

Day 190
July 9: Today I spend several hours weeding our garden. We have been so busy lately that it has been a tad neglected. I filled an entire wheelbarrow with the weeds that I pulled! I also discovered that I am starting to get some lovely cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes. Yum!

Day 191

July 10: We did a little more gardening today. You would not believe how tall my tomato plants are! Can you even see Eli in there? Some of the tomato plants are as tall as I am, and that is after Honey Daddy cut the tops off! In other excitement, we got our caterpillars in the mail today! Did you know you can actually order caterpillars online so you can watch them transform into butterflies? Too cool! The boys are SO excited.

Day 192
July 11: Every time I ride my bike down by the lake near sunset I get to watch the ducks and cranes as I speed by. So today I drove down by the lake with the family so we could all watch them... a bit more slowly.

Day 193
July 12: We are still going to swimming lessons each and every day.

Day 194
July 13: A rather large truck showed up today to deliver the supplies so we can re-shingle our roof next week (wahoo). The boys were fascinated with the delivery truck, which had a conveyor belt on its movable arm to send the supplies up to the top of our roof. I was fascinated with the bundles of nails that will be used to attach the shingles to the roof. Aren't they all coppery and pretty?

Day 195
July 14: For Jonah's preschool this week we made some cool foam makers. These were so easy to make! You just cut the end off a plastic bottle, rubber band a piece of old towel to the bottom, dip in water once and then go crazy with the bubble solution! The kids had fun seeing how long they could make their the foam strings.

Day 196
July 15: Did you know that the magic ingredient for swimming under water is a pair of dollar-store goggles?

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  1. Love the tomato plants! We are really enjoying fact, I made Tomato Basil Tart for dinner tonight with most of the ingredients coming straight from out yard!

  2. hmmmm may have to try that foam maker. my guys love bubbles and the blowing would help with Blake's therapy too

  3. I LOVE this post : ) The cranes? So pretty. The tomato plants? So gigantic! The kids? So adorable! And those nails are seriously the prettiest things ever. I thought you had made some cool flattened penny craft : )

  4. A new roof! You'll be glad you did that. :) The nails are such pretty colours and look great in your photo.

  5. love the cucumber flower...
    and all the rest.

  6. Great Week!

    The reflection of the pelican is awesome!

    How big are your tomato plants? They look HUGE! I'm very jealous -- we were pretty late getting ours planted, so they're not all that big yet.

    You can get swim goggles at the dollar store? Would they look weird on me?

  7. Great week of shots. YOur garden looks amazing. :) and I hope you love your butterfly kit. we did. :)

    and the cool!

  8. Awesome tomato plants! Our garden is soo lame this year. It has been tangled by weeds. I was much better last year.
    Sweet goggles. At our last Rec center they don't allow the children to wear them during swim lessons, just to help the kids get used to having water in their eyes and being able to see without them should they ever fall in and not have them on.

    Good luck with your caterpillars! I can't wait to see your results. I've seen them advertised and wondered if it's fool proof.

  9. I think I need a couple pair of magic dollar store goggles, maybe I'd have 2 more swimmers.

  10. hi! I stumbled upon ur blog by chance...when I was looking for a tute on how to make your own hair clips...Your tute is fantastic! Thank you!
    I do decoupage but want to try something different.
    Your blog is so homely, how come I haven't been here before?
    anw will be coming back!
    cheers, from Australia