Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Air Balloons!

I am either brave or crazy.

Or maybe a little bit of both.

Friday morning I got my boys up at 5:30 in the morning so I could take them to see the hot air balloons that were part of Provo's Freedom Festival. We have never been before, and I knew that the boys would LOVE it.

We got there early enough that parking was not a problem. We even got to see the first balloon get inflated. The piggy bank balloon from the Bank of American Fork.

We had fun watching them use their big fans to pump air into the balloon and the pig started to take shape. Then they turned on the burner and the balloon eased up into the morning sky.

This one was my boys' favorite balloon. Can you blame them?

I think my favorite balloon was definitely the Coke bottle balloon! It kind of made me thirsty.

The really cool part was that we got to walk around the field and watch the balloonists in action. I wheeled the boys around in the stroller and we could see everything! We even got to watch them turn on the burner and heat up the air in the balloon. So cool!

The only bummer was that the weather aloft was not good enough for the balloons to launch. Only one of the balloons even got off the ground, and it was tethered so it wouldn't go up too high.

So we were a bit disappointed that the balloons didn't launch. But we did have a fantastic time seeing all the hot air balloons. They were so beautiful!

There were three days of the hot air balloons scheduled, but we didn't make it back to see them again because we were too busy. I actually heard that they didn't launch the balloons on Friday either because it was too windy!

We will definitely have to go to see the hot air balloons again next year... and hopefully we will get to see them fly!


  1. That's so cool! Sorry they didn't get to launch, but still, what fun!

  2. OH I love looking at hot air balloons but I would be scared to go up in one.. they are so beautiful though

  3. Oh wow Cool! I didn't realize hot air balloons came in such a variety of animals! Great photos!

  4. that is so cool... I can imagine the boys had a blast and didn't mind the fact that the balloons didn't take off. That piggy bank is too funny.

  5. how fun! I would go up in one if it weren't so expensive!

  6. those are so cool! my kids would love that!!!

  7. We thought about going but opted out. We're just not morning people. Also I just didn't know if it'd be worth it after the memory of my first balloon launch. A lot of screams and tears. I was around the same age as my kids 4-6 and it was soo noisy and big. It took us, my brother and baby sis a while to calm down. Then we enjoyed seeing them fly into the air, not so noisy as seeing them filled.
    I'm glad to hear your boys enjoyed it. The shapes are amazing to watch fly away. Hope next year you'll get to see that.

  8. These balloons look so colorful......such a cool experience to see!

  9. That's one of the things I miss about Utah--the hot air balloons. You never, ever see them around DC. Probably something to do with restricted air space or something, but every time I visit my parents I remember how beautiful they are.