Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Week in Pictures: Week 25

Day 169
June 18: We went to "Huck Finn Day" at a local park. The boys got to ride horses, jump in a bounce house, eat donuts and play games. They especially enjoyed getting to wade in the water while looking for fish in the pond created just for this occasion.

Day 170
June 19: Eli likes to kick back and relax in the tub.

Day 171

June 20: Here is my late night photo of the week. I forgot to take a picture during the day. Good thing the moon was outside looking gorgeous for me!

Day 172

June 21: I love park days! What could be better than meeting friends at the park so the mommies can chat and the kids can play? Today the kids gathered up pine cones for us and we ended up with quite the pile. Luckily no one begged me to take them home with us!

Day 173

June 22: I know it's getting hot when I have to get out the HUGE umbrella to shade the sandbox so the boys can still play out there! I love how colorful and bright the umbrella is and how useful it is!

Day 174

June 23: No this picture is not upside down! The only remotely interesting picture (or not) I took today was this reflection of our chain link fence in our little swimming pool.

Day 175

June 24: At the library today the boys made these really cool bubble blowers! I can tell the boys are going to have lots of fun with them!

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh! LOVE the bathtub picture! I totally miss taking pictures of Kaish in the tub! Why did he have to grow up? Darn it!

  2. Can you post on how to make those bubble blowers? My kids would LOVE something like that.

    Great photos, love the moon.

  3. those bubble blowers looks like tons of fun. and Huck Finn days sound like something that would be right up my boys alley... glad you had a fun filled photo week

  4. oooo what a summery week again. sigh....I'm envious. I love the umbrella, but honestly...the reflection of the fence in the pool. WOW! very creative.

  5. Huck Finn Days? Where was that at? I LOVE Huck Finn.

    But I really love your moon shots -- YOU are the master. The bubble blower is very intriguing -- how is it made?

    Okay, I have a question: How are you feeling about this little project, now that we're halfway through the year?

  6. I love pine cones, and I want all of them!!! I cannot believe you didn't take them home??? (Am I not a kiddo??)

  7. He sure looks relaxed in the tub ;-P

  8. That moon shot is AWEsome!!! What a cool bubble blower too. :)

  9. Great photos! I love the feet sticking out of the tub and the reflection of the fence in the pool. Very cool!

  10. the moon is so amazing. great shot.

  11. Fantastic photos this week. I love the first one of them in the water, the moon..... oh I want to get a good moon shot! The fence reflection is pretty dang cool!

  12. *sigh* - summer seems like such a long time to wait - love your pics - they SMELL of summer - i can just feel it!

  13. Bathtub pic, so cute!
    Moon pic? *sigh* you put me to shame, lol...with my little point and shoot. ha ha ha. What a great pic! I need a good camera.