Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strawberry Days Carnival

Does your town have a summer carnival or celebration?

The city we live in now has a celebration called Strawberry Days. They have contests, concerts, parades and a rodeo. There is even a carnival with rides and booths in the middle of town. As we drove by last week I could see my boys' eyes get big and full of excitement.

The whole atmosphere reminded me of my childhood growing up in Wyoming. Every summer we waited and waited for the county fair. It was so fun to go on the rides, see who got suckered into playing the carnival games, and check out all the food booths.

Can't you just smell the popcorn and cotton candy?

As soon as they saw the carnival, my boys begged me to go on the rides. They were so excited that I just couldn't say no.

So I bought some tickets and we headed to the carnival.

I even managed to turn our adventure into a lesson of sorts. Jonah really wanted to ride on the Ferris Wheel, but it cost 4 tickets each. I told him that if we went on the Ferris Wheel then we would only have enough tickets to go on one other ride. So he could go on four different rides or just go on the Ferris Wheel and one other ride.

It didn't take him too long to figure out what he wanted to do.

Four is definitely better than two... so the boys got to enjoy their four rides. What a smart boy!


  1. Great choice Jonah!

    We have a strawberry festival locally, but I prefer the county fair!!

  2. smart cookie. and I bet Momma loved taking pictures of all the fun colorful fair things too

  3. He was very clever to figure out how to get more bang for his buck. Great photos!

    Most of our fairs happen in the fall/winter months when it's cooler. It's way too hot for them right now.

  4. We have many local carnivals (the beauty of living in the country) so I find myself taking alternate routes to avoid seeing them with The Dudes in the car. I mean I like the carnival as much as the next gal but those things are EX-PEN-SIVE especially when you have 3 little dudes who want to ride. So, we chose one each summer and avoid the rest if possible. Looks like a fun time!

  5. What a clever boy! It does get expensive having to pay for all the individual rides like that.

    Happy WW!

  6. Great negotiating! :) We have lots of carnivals pop up all over the various townships out here - I try to avoid driving past them because Princess Nagger would want to go to every. single. one. :) But we will be going to at least one this summer! :)

    WW: Dinosaur Store

  7. Looks like tons of little boy fun! The pic of them in the car is precious! :)

  8. Beautiful pictures! And it looks like a lot of fun

  9. Oooo, makes me hardly able to wait for our Valley's annual rodeo and exhibition! It's always the last weekend in July ~ and it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

    I grew up in the city and until moving out here 8 years ago, had only experienced the small-town fair/rodeo/carnival once or twice, so it's still a huge novelty for me. It makes me feel like a kid, I guess!