Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Day, Another Photo

Day 162
June 11: It rained every day since we put up the pool. By Friday I was a little tired of it. I guess you could say all the rain was making me feel a little blue.

Day 163
June 12: All plugged up! Jonah has earplugs in his ears (mostly) because Honey Daddy was using a noisy tool to clean the evaporative cooler. He is plugging his nose because he thinks the spray paint Daddy is using really stinks.

Day 164
June 13: Jonah loves to help me dry the dishes. I think his favorite part is seeing how tall he can stack the dry dishes before Mommy notices the tower and either takes a picture or steals some of the dishes.

Day 165
June 14: I love putting my clothes on the line to dry in the summertime! For some reason it is peaceful and relaxing for me. Plus I usually fold my clothes as I take them down, so it seems to make my laundry go a little faster.

Day 166
 June 15: It finally warmed up enough to get the swimming pool out again. The boys had SO much fun that I had a hard time choosing a photo for the day. But the big hit of the evening was definitely the watering can, which the boys played with for hours!

Day 167
June 16: Our city celebration started tonight. I stopped off at the carnival to pick up some tickets while they were less expensive so I can take the boys on the rides tomorrow. They are so excited!

Day 168
June 17: The boys had a fabulous time on the carnival rides today. When we got home we were hot so we had some chocolate Creamies. I knew Eli would get messy, so I took his shirt off. Next time I turned around he had his shorts off too! I guess it's just as well that he did. What a cute, messy boy!

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  1. love the rain picture. glad to see the boys got to enjoy the pool, now just train them to use the watering can to water the flowers and you'll be set (o:

  2. I still love making towers with dishes. It sure does help when I need more counter space and I haven't done them yet.

  3. Adorable photos! I especially love the rain drop one. And that's quite a dish tower!

  4. The raindrops are gorgeous! Good eye.

    As much as I'm not looking forward to 100 degree weather, I am also sick of the rain.

    I love that shot of the ferris wheel -- way to close in and fill the frame :)

  5. I'm impressed by his stacking skills! The cutting board at the top was clearly meant to be a platform for a serious second tier!

  6. It all looks like SO much fun!

    Hope you get some rest! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. He is a doll and those eyes-- to die for!

  8. LOVE the raindrops! (was that your windshield?_

    Wait until you see my photos for the week! I posted the clothesline as well. I feel EXACTLY the same way about hanging clothes out... it's very relaxing. Good to know I'm not alone.

  9. all your pics made me feel happy inside. besides the rain shot....which is amazing, by the way, they make me feel like summer. :) at least someone is having summer weather.

  10. OMGosh! You just reminded me that we are supposed to go to the carnival! Almost forgot that it ends Sunday! Great shots, like always.

  11. You have such a handsome helper!

    Wouldn't you know it would rain as soon as the pool was ready? :)

  12. Fun pictures! But I love the raindrops picture!

  13. I LOVE the rain picture and the ice cream picture. Great job this week!

  14. All nice pictures but my favorites -the rain and the washing line. Oh I love that washing line one.

  15. LOVE that top photo. And it's been raining and raining and raining here! Okay, well it's actually not raining today. But it's sure not sunny either!

  16. Great pictures!! There are so many that I love - I think the stacked dishes is my favorite - I love watching little guys see how high they can stack things!! (good thing they're plastic plates)