Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Boys Jumping for Joy

Early Saturday morning (we are talking before 8 am!) I dropped my kids off with my friend Stacy so that Honey Daddy and I could go on a long bike ride. You see, I am going to ride my first century ride  of the year this coming Saturday (a century is 100 miles, for you non-cyclists). So this was a little training ride.

Honey Daddy and I went just over 77 miles and had a totally great time! We got to spend many child-free hours enjoying ourselves and working hard on a ride with a small group of cyclists. I think I am ready for this weekend now! Wanna know the best part? My boys had a great time too. As a matter of fact, Jonah didn't want to go home with us!

Since we were returning to her house later for a barbeque, Stacy told me that Jonah could stay and play with her son while we went home to give Eli a nap. So basically Jonah was at her house all day. He loved playing with all the great boy toys, watching movies and jumping on the trampoline.

Actually, both the boys loved jumping on the trampoline. I swear they probably got almost as much exercise as I did that day!

 At 9 p.m. Jonah STILL didn't want to come home with us. That tells you just how much fun the boys had that day. The best part is that Stacy actually told us to come back anytime... and she meant it! She is totally cool with having my boys hang out at her house once in a while and doesn't expect anything in return. Isn't she a babe?

Thanks Stacy, for being a totally awesome friend! I have a feeling that we will be seeing you fairly often this summer!


  1. my best riding was 10 km. which is less than 8 miles :P

    i understand how boys are when they are together. my boys also enjoy times with their cousins, much, it is always a little difficult to ask them to go home.

  2. looks like they had a great time. got to love play dates like that

  3. My kids LOVE jumping on my parents trampoline.

  4. I'm glad you two had such a fun long bike ride and that your kids had fun as well. Sounds like a perfect day for everyone!

  5. Princess Nagger would want to stay anywhere that has a trampoline - sounds like you all had a great time! ;)

    WW: The Pond, One Year Later

  6. How nice of your friend to help you out like that!

  7. My kids love jumping, I guess that explains why we have 2 trampolines in our backyard lol.. sorry I have been MIA.. life ya know?!!!

  8. My kids think playing at a friend's house is the best treat they could ever have. :) Good luck in your training!