Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Photo A Day: Week 21

Day 141
May 21: While I was in the shower I heard a large CRASH. Apparently Eli tried to use the drawers on Jonah's dresser as a ladder. Luckily no one was seriously hurt, even though we took a trip to the doctor's office to make sure!

Day 142
May 22: Saturdays are always busy around our house. We have been getting our garden all planted and finally got all the cages and sprinklers set up. I noticed how cool our garden looks with all the cages for the plants. It is like a wire circle sculpture or something.

Day 143
May 23: Like father, like sons! This picture of Honey Daddy and the boys watching something on the computer just made me laugh. I have the feeling they may grow up to be a bit like Daddy.  It's funny how even kids' gestures are influenced by their parents though we sometimes don't realize it.

Day 144

 May 24: Woke up this morning and almost passed out! There was white junk all over my lawn. I can't believe we got SNOW at the end of MAY! This is just insane. I got to spend part of my morning covering up all the tomato and pepper plants in the garden, lest they die. Fun times, let me tell you.

Day 145
May 25: To make up for the snow yesterday, we actually had some sun today. I took the boys to the park and enjoyed some time laying back, admiring the view while they played.

Day 146
May 26: This picture is for you, Chris! Here is your obligatory late night photo. I had just gotten all warm and snuggly in bed when I remembered that I had not yet taken a picture for the day. So here is a picture of the lamp and alarm clock by my warm and cozy bed... right before I got back into it!

Day 147
May 27: Isn't Eli such a cutie? You can't tell, but he is actually looking at books and glanced up for a minute. I love his beautiful eyes and fuzzy blonde head. If you look closely you can see that the cut by the corner of his eye from the dresser disaster (of Day 141) is healing nicely.

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  1. great pictures. I love that one of Eli too cute

  2. Beautiful photos!!! And cutie boys too!

  3. I love this whole idea. What a great motivator to capture moments in life that would be quickly forgotten. Yes the snow was awful but thank goodness Spring finally arrived. Family gestures are amazing. Especially the ones that come out of no where when the two persons have never met.

  4. I made it!

    The shot of your husband and the boys is marvelous -- I LOVE pictures like that. And there's a secret pride that I'll bet your husband feels when he sees it too.

    Sometimes it's hard for us dads to see ourselves in our children.