Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Week in Pictures: Week 22

Day 148
May 28: Jonah and Eli have been waiting all month to get to go see Thomas and go for a ride. Our "Day out with Thomas" finally arrived and the boys were in heaven. They got to see grandma and their cousins, ogle a bunch of trains, hear a real steam train whistle, go for a train ride, and get balloon animals. What more could a boy want?!

Day 149
May 29: Honey Daddy and I spent the day out riding our bikes. We went 77 miles in preparation for my first 100 mile ride of the year this Saturday. We had a great time and so did the boys. They had so much fun at my friend's house that they didn't want to come home with us! How great is that?

Day 150
May 30: Here is my late night photo of the week. I got these slippers shortly after Honey Daddy and I got married (seven years ago!). They may not look it, but they are incredibly comfortable. But they are looking pretty ratty so I guess it's about time for another pair.

Day 151

May 31: I had a very productive Memorial Day and got a lot done around the house. In the evening the boys and I went on a walk. We were looking for bugs for our preschool lesson and I thought the boys were so cute running around with their nets. We ended up walking through the cemetery near our house. It is always amazing to me how colorful and beautiful the cemetery is on Memorial Day.  There are so many lovely flowers as people gather to remember those they have loved and lost.

Day 152
June 1: I actually got a babysitter so that Honey Daddy and I could go on a date. We went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple, which I think is so lovely and peaceful. Afterward we went out for ice cream together. When we got home our lovely babysitter told us that she wouldn't accept payment because she wanted to help us go to the temple. How sweet is that?

Day 153
June 2: We are finally getting some summer weather! It has been nice to see the sun this week. The boys and I have been having a great time playing outside in the sandbox and kicking back on the porch swing. So wonderful!
Day 154
June 3: We were headed out the door this morning to go to aerobics when Jonah noticed these two birds on the front lawn. He asked me, "Mommy, why are those birds fighting?". Once I got a good look, I realized that they weren't fighting at all. Oh my!

So I told Jonah, "Those birds aren't fighting, they are just... um, playing together." I guess I wasn't quite ready to talk to my four year old about the birds and the bees!


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  1. But you DID have time to take a picture of it!! HEeeee.

    I love the shot of your boys' heads on the swing. SO happy and...BOY.

  2. So...what ARE those birds doing?

    (I thought this was a family blog! :)

    I love that you took your camera to the temple. You're such a kindred spirit :) Incidentally, my daughter doesn't charge for Temple visits either.

    Slippers! I LOVE my slippers. I sleep in them (I know, I know). But slippers are like jeans --they are those most comfortable just before they disintegrate.

  3. I like day 151!! Cute photos through the grass!!

  4. yay for Thomas!

    the slipper, you can never compare comfort with look :D

  5. Beautiful photos! Those flowers are so gorgeous!

    LOVE your boys together on the bench. Adorable!

    I have those SAME slippers and have had mine for years as well & you're right, they are comfy :)

    ps So sorry I never found time to meet up with you or any of the other Utah bloggers. My trip went super fast...

  6. the bird shot. cool...and funny.

    looks like you had a really happy week. I love the temple shot.

  7. Great shots all and how I can relate with your fondness for your slippers. I have a similar pair. :)

  8. Great pictures! I love the flowers and the temple is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. a day with Thomas is so much fun. glad you got to go. I think I would have made up some answer to the bird question too, not sure they are ready for that kind of love and happiness just yet

  10. Oh my! On that last one.

    Love the flower shot and your boys on the swing. So sweet!

  11. We had a day out with Thomas last year. The kids loved it. Such a fun trip. I agree with you on the temple. We went to a wedding there last month. It is beautiful. Great save on the birds. Boys and sunshine just go together don't they. And they would love historic Wheeler farm. They get to milk cows.

  12. Many great pics in this series, but I could not get past the first. Thomas in the flesh... have a blessed weekend!

  13. The bird shot is cool even if well you know....
    the flowers are fantastic, so bright and beautiful.
    the temple is amazing. last year we saw it from a distance.