Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bicycle More, Blog Less

Were you starting to wonder where I'd gone? The past couple of days have turned into an unexpected blogging vacation for me, since I got too busy having fun to post anything!

I know that I missed posting my regular Photostory Friday and Project 365 posts, but I had family visiting and then we all went to a "Day out with Thomas". So spending time with my family won out over spending time here.

Then today my husband and I rode 77 miles together on our bikes. He is helping me train for my first century ride (100 miles), which is next weekend.  It was so much fun to ride together today, but boy is my behind sore!
I guess you could say that when I bicycle more, I blog less. Ah well, I guess such is life. I'll post all my goodies and catch up with you all shortly!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. when is your century? You should do the BRAN ride sometime (Bike Ride Across Nebraska) because them maybe we could meet LOL

  2. Of-course we missed you and your lovely pictures!
    But 77 miles!! I need to see some pictures as a proof :-)