Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Photo A Day: Week 16

Day 106
April 16: Evening rolled around and I still had not taken a picture. So I took my camera on my evening bike ride down by the lake. I hope you enjoy the picture, because I will never be taking my camera with me again! It was much too awkward to carry.

Day 107
April 17: The first of my tulips have started to bloom. Soon my flowerbeds will be full of color. Oh how I LOVE tulips!

Day 108

April 18: This evening we went outside and played with bubbles. I love that if you look closely you can see all kinds of reflections in the bubbles, along with their colorful, swirly surface.

Day 109
April 19: As I left the house for my evening bike ride, I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone. I had a feeling I should go back for it, but I ignored the feeling because I hardly ever get flat tires, right?

Of course I got a flat on the way home. So I headed for the nearby church parking lot to change the tire myself. It was getting dark, so when I was offered a ride home by a nice mom and her kids in their van I only hesitates a moment before saying yes.

Luckily we have an ample supply of spare tubes. Check out the piles! On the left are the tubes we have used (that are in some state of being patched) and on the right are the boxes of new tubes we just got. Now you know what is on the shelves of cyclists' garages.

Day 110
April 20: What a day. I had a headache all day and saved my sanity by taking the boys to the park for a picnic. They played while I read a book. At least my peach tree is blooming and SO pretty. That helps any bad day.

Day 111
April 21: It was an icky, rainy day... so I went and picked up fabric for Eli's quilt. I am FINALLY almost finished with the one I started for Jonah's over a year ago. I meant to have it done before last winter, but since that didn't happen I hope to be done with Jonah's AND Eli's before THIS winter!

Day 112
April 22: As we got home this morning my son spotted this beautiful bird and his mate in the tree in our front yard. I just happened to have my zoom lens on the camera and managed to catch a nice shot. I love how cool and iridescent his feathers look!

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  1. I LOVE (pretend like you can hear me say that in a sing songy type voice) the bubble picture!!

  2. Oh my word. I LOVE the flower! So pretty. Don't they say Spring like nothing else :) I am sorry about your tire. That is so crazy!

  3. LOVE those bubble shots. You guys have a lot of spare tubes!

  4. Wow! You have a bumper crop of beautiful pictures! The tulips make happy. I love the colors, too!

    As for the bubbles, I really like the first shot. But being a mother, the little hands in the second make it a hard choice. Good luck with that one...:)

  5. Fabulous Photos! I love the the flower, the peach blossoms, and the bird!

  6. I seriously LOVE your bubble photos. Your shots just get better and better.

  7. That quilt is going to be so beautiful. You will have to post pictures once you finish it. Fun pictures of your week.

  8. beautiful photos!
    I can imagine that seeing that view every night on your rides is very soothing... gorgeous!

    LOVE your bubble shots!

  9. Beautiful pictures! I love the peach blossoms.

  10. The first shot is awesome! Oh, how I miss Utah!!

  11. Bubble picture is awesome! LOve it!

  12. I love those bubble pictures!

    All that colorful fabric makes me want to go craft .....SOMEthing!!

    Beautiful flowers too!

  13. The tulips are beautiful, love the single bubble and the fabric is just beautiful.

  14. I adore your bubble picture -- amazing!! And your first picture story caption (that you hope we like the pic since it'll never happen again) was hilarious. too bad no one got a pic of you trying to bike with the camera

  15. A very springy week!

    My tulips are just poking through the ground -- I can't wait, they're my favorite flowers. Yours are beautiful!

    What lake is that in the first shot -- Utah Lake?

    Where did you carry the camera?

  16. These are all great, but I love the bubble photo! :)

  17. Gorgeous photos, Mama! I love tulips too. Isn't springtime just beautiful?

  18. Hands down, bubble is my favorite. But the lake shot is mesmerizing too...