Monday, March 1, 2010

February Photo Hunt Challenge

I’ve been wanting to participate in a Photo Hunt Challenge for a while, but since it is every other month I never seem to remember the challenge until the month for taking photos was almost over. So this month I finally got it done! Here are my entries.

1. A tower
This is the water tower on top of the Harley Davidson Dealership nearby. It was originally a part of the Geneva Steel Mill, and most of the metal from this building is recycled.

2. “Main Street”
This old car is at a vintage gas station on one of our main streets. It reminds me of growing up in Wyoming and how all the teenagers would "drag main" in their cars because there was nothing better to do.

3. Five
Is there anything more perfect than five little fingers?

4. A dog or cat
We don't have any pets... but we have lots of this type of CAT.

5. Two of a kind
My two boys are definitely two of a kind. I love these blonde-haired, blue-eyed boys!

6. A clock
I see this clock almost every day... and yes, they still have Christmas wreaths on it!

7. A game
When you have little people, games like Cootie are the ones we play most often.

8. Something sweet
I made dozens and dozens of these sugar cookies for Valentine's Day. They were yummy!

9. Black and White w/selective coloring
My boys love pretending that they are fixing things for Mommy. They also love to help Daddy in the garage whenever they can!

10. Your own reflection
Can you see me? I am the chick in the helmet. This is my reflection in my husband's sunglasses after we rode 20 miles on our bikes for a Haiti benefit ride.

11. A mirror image
This is a century plant I photographed in Tucson, Arizona. Notice how the plant unfolds, leaving each leaf with imprints of other leaves on it.

12. Night image
Finally figured out how to photograph the moon.

13. Something homemade
This year for Valentine's day my son wanted to make Robot Valentine's for all his little friends. Didn't they turn out cute?

14. Something pink
This is my jersey from the women's only Little Red Riding Hood bike ride where I did my first century (100 mile) bike ride.

15. Something romantic
I know that a photo of prickly cactus is probably not what you were expecting for something romantic... but my husband and I met it Tucson. We like to spend time alone together hiking in the desert, and that is what we did for our anniversary this year. So I find the desert and saguaros romantic.

16. A candid shot
Eli and his friend checking out the horses.

17. A portrait
This is a portrait that I took of my son Jonah. Isn't he handsome?

18. A symbol of love
My husband offers me his heart in so many ways each and every day.

19. A landscape
A cloudy sunrise over the mountains.

20. Chocolate
Almond M&M's! Yummy!

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  1. lots of fun. those are great pictures. I still love the one of your two guys on the train tracks

  2. Love the Valentine's. Love the heart in hand. How are you editing your photos? These are geat. How do I get in on a March one?

  3. The next Photo Hunt will be in April and you can find it here:

  4. Those are beautiful photos. I love how you interpreted the themes.

  5. What a fun project!! All of your pictures were great choices too!

  6. You've really outdone yourself this time!

    love that tower, the whole building is so unique! (maybe a photo story friday subject)

    there is nothing more perfect than your five shot--love it.

    two of a kind--you are right, it's a winner.

    loved them all!

    Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  7. Those pictures are great!!
    What a creative shot for the dog and cat one :) We don't have any pets either.
    I love the focus on the cooties game. Seriously you did a great job.

  8. Wow I loved them all!! I like the reflection photo and the scenery photo the best.... Very creative with the "CAT"!!!

  9. Love your photos! so much in fact that I can't pick a favorite... not even two or three!!

  10. Love them! Especially those m&ms as they are my favorite candy! ;)

  11. So many great ones! Beautiful kids, many great shots, hard to pick favorites!

  12. Very fun and very creative! I may have to check into this sometime. :-)

  13. I am impressed! I really enjoyed looking at your photo entries and reading about each one -- why you chose and it what it's of. It's cool you included that. The first two were cool (tower and Main Street). I think your story about those helped me appreciate them more. Photography wise, my favorites were your two of a kind, landscape (wow!), something romantic, night image, and mirror image. All excellent!!

  14. These are great pictures... your boys are such cuties!!

  15. These were wonderful shots!! I used to live in Tucson, this made me miss it! So many favorites!

  16. You have a great eye! I have many favorites in this collection. 'Main street', 'two of a kind' and 'A portrait' were probably my top picks.
    But then there's 'five', 'something sweet'...

  17. Also like your 'night image'. I've been trying to figure out how to get a good photo of the moon too. I have a great lens but my photo doesn't show any moon detail. Guess I'll have to do a little more research.

  18. #5 just melts my heart! I love the main street as well! Great shots.

  19. Wow! Everyone of your shots is so fabulous! I love the desert shot, so very sweet.
    But my favorite was your 2 of a kind.
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  20. Great job on the photo hunt! I didn't have time to play this month.

    My favs are the cooties and the heart in your hand. oh and the two of a kind!

  21. Fantastic beyond belief! I need a copy of those five fingers :)