Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Picture A Day: Week 8

Day 50
February 19: My boys recently discovered the joys of carpenter pants. After I showed Eli how to put the hammer in the loop on his pants I actually had to change Jonah's pants so he could have carpenter pants too. They were putting their tools in the pockets and loops all morning!

Day 51
February 20: My first attempts at photographing the moon only resulted in blurry, glowing orbs. I finally figured out the right settings and was pretty thrilled with this photo!

Day 52
February 21: For some reason my boys LOVE helping Mommy dry the dishes! Now I have to get out two drying cloths and stools so they can help me. Not that I'm complaining!

Day 53
February 22: Can you see that my tulips, crocuses and orchids are starting to poke out of the dirt? This makes me SO happy!

Day 54
February 23: Ever wonder why boys' socks wear out so fast? Now you know.

Day 55
February 24: For some reason Eli always has one sock on and one sock off. Honey Daddy and I went out this evening and left the boys with friends. When we returned Eli once again had one sock on and one off again. My friend told me that they have no idea where the other sock went!

Day 56
February 25: We has a little bit of snow this morning. I knew it wouldn't last long, so I ran outside to take some pictures before it all melted.  It's already gone.

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  1. Oh my gosh the MOOOOOOOON! I love it!! And now you must share your secret settings formula (I think we have the same camera)!!!

  2. great pictures... I love the plane in the sock, maybe it took off with Eli's other sock?

  3. Fabulous photos. Especially that moon shot. Beautiful!

  4. Love the one sock picture of Eli..Your boys are so cute..
    Your photography is actually improving..ur doing a goo djob!

  5. Great post! That moon capture is out of this world!!! :O)

  6. I LOVE your moon picture!!! But the sock one made me laugh. We know, indeed! Lol!

  7. That moon shot is SPECTACULAR. Please tell me what you did -- I've never gotten a good shot of the moon.


    And the socks story was SO familiar. I finally stopped caring if my children have matching socks -- as long as the have a sock for each foot.

    And as for the carpenter pants, it's a boy thing. The more pockets (or loops) I have on my pants, the more crap I carry around.

  8. Your moon shot is awesome!!! One of my sons was always missing a sock or a shoe, it cracked us up. Love the sock shot with the toys in it. Fun post. :)

  9. I liked the moon shot, keen to know your settings.

  10. I LOVE your moon shot! You must have a good zoom lens..... mine never turn out that nice .... I need a better zoom.
    The sock shot cracked me up! yesterday Scott filled his sock to the top with cars and carried it around like a sack of toys slung over his back!

  11. Great pictures! So wonderful.. and yes you solved the sock mystery! I still need to take a picture today!

  12. Seeing your son's pockets filled with toys reminded me of my own boys at that age. What a fun glimpse into the joy of boys!

  13. Great photos! I love the sock photo. That's hilarious.

    You should be real proud of yourself of that moon shot. That is stellar.

    Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  14. Do share what setting you used for the moon shot. It is fantastic.

  15. I came here from the Photo Story Friday post...

    That photo of the moon is spectacular! I'm really impressed -- I've tried in the past, and just end up with photos of this tiny, hazy ball.

    Love little boys & carpenter pants, and can't wait until my son discovers how much fun it is to tuck little tools in his pockets like that!

    And that sock picture is hysterical!

  16. That is a great moon picture!! I love the sock one too...when my daughter was a baby she always took off her left sock. Not the right one, just the left. We still call her one sock to this day! =)

  17. That moon shot is great! and my boys seem to lose their socks quite frequently as well... good luck with that :D

  18. LOL, love the picture of the missing sock!

  19. Thank you for your visit.
    How funny your boys are. I do not have a boy, however my G-Nephew is a hoot. I love the helper in the kitchen and the one sock. He must be cool that way,lol.

  20. LOVE that picture of the moon!! AMAZING!

    The sock thing is so funny. My daughter always used to take her socks off every time she got to our friend's house and then never be able to find them. We had this system worked out that their daughter would bring K-Girl's missing socks into preschool.

  21. love the tools in the pocket

    --and the glasses in the sock shot!

  22. ok now, LOL!!! The two pics with the socks are HYSTERICAL!! lol :o)