Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Day the Binky Disappeared Forever

Earlier this month I took the boys to their awesome pediatrician for their well-visits (Jonah for his three year and Eli for his 15 month). Both boys were growing well and doing just fine. The shots were not fun, but we got them over with and everyone survived.

What surprised me the most was when the doctor asked me, "Is he a binky boy?" about Eli. I hadn't thought about it too much, but Eli really does like his binky. He always had it at naps and bedtime, and randomly throughout the day you would find him with a binky in his mouth.

The doctor told me that I needed to restrict the binky and think about getting rid of it because it was starting to affect Eli's front teeth. So I told my hubby about it, and we have only let Eli have a binky when he is in his crib for the past month.

We took Jonah's binky away when he was 15 months old, so we figured Eli was about due. I don't think that children who can talk shouldn't have a plug in their mouth, you know? Last time my hubby was the one who took the initiative and said, "No more binky" and Jonah basically went cold turkey, which worked for him.

Yesterday I told my hubby that the same thing might have to happen again because it was becoming hard for me to want to take it away. I liked the fact that I could put Eli to bed and he would basically lay there and be quiet, contentedly sucking on his bink.

So last night Daddy put Eli to bed-- without his binky.

Since I believe in consistency, once he took the binky away, it is just gone. So today I put Eli down for naps sans binky. I was dreading this day, but you know what? It wasn't that bad! Eli cried about it for a couple of minutes and then settled down and went to sleep.

So we are done! No more binkies-- hooray!
Thanks Honey Daddy for helping me out with this one. :o)


  1. glad the transition went smoothly for you all

  2. I'm glad that went well. Those binkies can be so addicting and comforting for the little ones! Hopefully you threw it out so he doesn't accidentally see it!

  3. Growing up is hard to do, but somehow we manage. I still find out that even I am addicted to certain things. Mess with my pillow and you've got a mad woman on your hands. At least the pillow doesn't give me an overbite.

    Kudo's to Dad for helping out.
    I can't believe your boys are growning up sooooo fast. Don't blink.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Glad that the binky removal wasnt to hard!

  5. For my kids it was the sippy cup. They weren't as attached as some kids can be but getting rid of them took some time.

    Hooray for Jonah!

  6. that is awesome. we need to cross this bridge too. I hope it goes as well for us as it did for you.

  7. Wow! That's awesome it went so well! I remember when we got rid of my sister's binky's when she was little... then a few days later my grandparents sent her a binky she left at their house! lol we had to start over!

  8. Awesome work!

    Glad it wasn't a bigger issue than it was.

  9. UGH...I so need to get rid of the binkie(s) and I am totally dreading it. Your story gives me some hope though. Hope it continues to go well at your house.

  10. I'm so impressed. Yay for Eli! :)

  11. Brave mommy! I sort of wish Moose had a binky instead of sucking his thumb. I can't exactly take that away. But so far our dentist says it's fine for now. And usually if he's sucking it and doesn't really need it (like when he's tired), I'll ask him to take it out and he will. It'll go back in about 10-20 seconds later, but we're getting there.