Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Sprinklers

It has been getting downright hot here in the middle of the day and early evening. So I decided to get out the sprinkler for the boys to play in. Needless to say, they absolutely loved it!

First they contented themselves with merely running through the sprinklers or seeing how close they could get without getting too wet. Eventually Jonah figured out that he could pick up the sprinkler by the hose and direct the water where he wanted it to go.

Before long he was washing all of his sandbox toys off with the sprinkler and spreading them all over the yard to dry. It really was a hoot!

Almost as funny as when little Eli discovered that holding the sprinkler by the hose takes a little more coordination than he thought! Also running away from the water while holding onto the hose doesn't really work!

Wordful on Wednesday as always!


  1. HOW CUTE!!!!!!

    And lol at the last picture!! Aww..poor baby!!!

  2. oh that last photo is hilarious - the poor little one!

  3. Now this is sure one sure-proof way to beat the heat! So cute!

  4. Very cute! I love the shot of your little guy holding the sprinkler and trying to run away at the same time!!

    I wish we could have a sprinkler ~ they make so many fun ones for kids these days. We've got a shallow well though (and yes, I know exactly how long I can run a sprinkler in order to run it dry!!!), so my girls are stuck with little kiddie pools. Those are fun, too, but get so full of bugs and grass clippings right away.

  5. Awww.....I miss the days when my kids could keep themselves occupied with a sprinkler.

    Now they need water bombs or squirters or something silly.

  6. We did the same thing yesterday! It's SO hot!!

    I love that last picture! : )

  7. I love how your little one's mouth stays WIDE open as he plays in the water! So cute!


  8. that is so cute... I love the last one where he is trying to run away from the water while carrying the sprinkler

  9. I love how Eli has his little mouth open the entire time. Just waiting for some sprinkles in the mouth! :)

  10. so fun!!!

    we love our sprinkler toy!!

    my ww's:


  11. how fun. I wish that my kids would like the sprinklers.

  12. Great fun and the lawn gets the water it needs. Perfect.

  13. Water and kids, always gauranteed fun.

  14. They are having so much fun! :)

    Great photos...you are so talented.