Thursday, November 13, 2008

Biggest Loser Smackdown

Can I just tell you that I am SO frustrated right now! I have been exercising a ton and watching what I eat and all I get for it is the scale laughing at me saying "neener, neener, neener!" It makes me want to scream.

This week I once again found time to use my bicycle trainer and I have biked a little over 40 miles. Just like last week. Before that I hadn't exercised as much and I swear I was doing better then. Anyway, I am planning on getting back on it today, which would make it nearly 50 miles this week.

I have been eating sensibly. No junk, no Halloween candy, nothing! I was hoping for something good this week and then I stepped on the scale this morning.

Weight loss: 1/2 pound
Goal: 1 pound next week... a WHOLE pound for crying out loud.

Anyway, enough of my whining. I guess it's back to food journal time. I haven't been keeping up with it because I thought I was doing good without it. I guess not. I have hit a major plateau, which is a bummer because I am getting closer to moving down to the next set of 10s in my weight. If only I could get there! I feel healthier, which is great... but I wish the scale would cooperate!

On the bright side, I LOVED the Biggest Loser this week! As you know, one of the kicked off cast members got to come back on the show and I was HORRIFIED when it turned out to be Heba's husband Ed! I was thinking that the black team was doomed because now there were even more players against them.

Oh, and can I just say that Vicki is EVIL? Bob was right when he said she was the biggest game player ever on the show. She is manipulative, arrogant, smug, and downright mean! I couldn't believe all the nasty things she said and did this week. I just wanted to smack her.

When her husband Brady ended up in the bottom two, she didn't seem concerned at all. She acted like she was in control of the game and OF COURSE things would go her way. I was sitting there saying "pride goeth before the fall" over and over... hoping it would be true this time. AND IT WAS!

I was SO happy when Brady got sent home. Amy is now my new hero. She is so smart for seeing how things would turn out if she kept him around. Awesome! It now seems that Heba and Vicki no longer control this game... thank Heavens! I think if either of them won the show then I could never watch it again.


  1. Go you! I mean 40 and 50 miles is phenomenal! I'd say you're building muscle that ways more than fat. That's always my excuse when you've obviously been doing so good. Push through and you'll see that scale move! You are doing great!

  2. don't kick yourself over your weight loss numbers... a loss is a loss!

    and I so agree with you on Biggest Loser!! I was glad to see Brady go and want to see Vicki next

  3. You will get there - definitely... and I'm pretty sure there will be a loss of at least one whole pound next week.

    There's an award waiting for you at my blog :-)

    Have a great week ahead,
    your fellow HFH group member


  4. Don't even get me going on this week's show. I was so mad that Ed came back but what really got me going was Icky Vicky and her mouth. She is Evil Incarnate and I just couldn't believe the hateful things she was saying. I cheered very loudly when Amy voted off Brady. Karma. That's what that is.

    A food journal sounds like a good idea. I should do that...I'm just afraid of what that will reveal...

  5. Oh girl i so feel you! I hate weeks where it is only 1/2 or 1/4 even! Hang in there though!

  6. You are doing great - don't stress about it too much!! Like Kelli said if you are gaining muscle your weight loss will slow down a little (have you ever taken your measurements? you can see if you are losing inches not pounds...)

    just had another thought - are you eating enough? If you are exercising enough but not taking in enough your metabolism will slow down and you can actually lose less (does that make sense?)

    Good luck!! You are doing so will get there soon!!

  7. I swear we are on the same page, game, etc. Only 1/2 of a pound for me too. I am pulling out a secret weapon this week though....I picked up the Biggest Loser Cardio workout....a whole 50 minutes!!!! I'm going for a pound and a half next week!!!!! Good Luck!!

  8. You are amazing! Seriously! You are doing great. Sometimes you have to "bag" the scale because it's how you FEEL that's important. With all the exercising you're doing, the muscles are building up and muscle always weighs more than fat, but it's a good thing because it's what burns the fat! I'm sooo proud of you! Keep it up. Your posts might even inspire me to walk down the hall today ;0)

  9. A loss. Is a Loss... is a loss!!! You go!! lol... And I agree 40 to 50 miles - that's awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  10. At least you lost! I thought I was doing good (less candy) & I gained. Sounds like you are on the right track with exercising. If you keep that up, it has got to come off soon! I have disliked the brown team (Vicki & Brady) since the beginning. Now I know why! Vicki is just plain evil. I can't believe how smug & negative she is. She should be supporting all of the contestants, but she is not concerned with weight loss at all, just winning the game. Phil never did anything wrong, she just wanted people to turn against him. I was going crazy watching it too. Amy is great for thinking this through. They SO would have voted her off as soon as they could. Heba, Ed, Vicki & Brady were not her friends!!

  11. So I've been reading the about the importance of water lately. I think you should do a water journal. People think they drink more water than they really do. Try drinking 100 oz a day for the next week and see if you drop weight.

  12. LOL- I don't know why, but somehow thinking of the word "smackdown" coming out of honeymommy's mouth made me giggle out loud!
    You look to sweet to say such filth! ; )

  13. I LOVE your Biggest Loser post! I've just recently started watching. I'll hold Vicki while you slap her silly! Okay? I really think poor Amy is next on her list.

    I love how they went straight into the room to vote. Instead of giving Vicki time to bully and manipulate before the voting!

  14. I should definatly drink more water. It fills you up pretty good. Also I've tried eating a grapefruit before my meals and that seems to help. Be sure to make sure that your scale is working. For 2 weeks mine was reading wrong. Once I fixed it I found I had last 5 lbs.
    You're doing great. They say it's best to be loosing a pund a week. The same as when you get pregnant it helps your skin keep up from bunching or not tightening enough.

  15. there will be plateaus, that's inevitable, but then just as there are plateaus, we get right back into the swing of things :)

    i hate vicki so much. she has made the show turn into something so incredibly ugly. i watch the show to feel encouraged, and so far this season, i feel nothing but stressed. i knew amy would vote brady off...that's one less person who would vote her off in a heartbeat. next week vicki is sposed to go all psycho w a threatening revenge letter. i can't believe that the biggest loser peeps would keep her on with all that she does/is going to do. she's a very ugly person, and wait until her kids and family get to see this show. if i were her kids, friends, relatives, i would be embarrassed to have any kind of association with her. she is NOT good people. then heba is a dumb cow to think that vicki is her friend...vicki will back stab her in a heartbeat! i should stop my rant now, but she just makes me sick! lol

  16. when i'm working hard in all areas and nothing's coming off, it's usually because things are shifting. at least, that's me. keep it up!! try not to get discouraged, every mile you pedal is making your body healthy! You're rocking!!

  17. Losing weight is so difficult. Try to hang in there!! I too was THRILLED that Brady was kicked off and now we just need Vicky to go next. Ugh, I can't stand her!!

  18. Hitting that spot where you don't feel like your loosing is the worst. Every time I join a gym or start a new routine I loose lots of weight and then it stops and I get frustrated. Maybe this new workout will work better for me, but keep pushing forward, it sounds like you're doing everything right!

  19. way to go with the exercising! i am with you. i am doing everything right and now i just want to see the results show up on the scale! agh.

    oh and i was glad when brady went home if vicki would just go away!