Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scale it Back

This week has not been the best for me as far as weight loss goes (good thing it's been a FANTASTIC blogging week, right?).
I have been craving chocolate, retaining water, having headaches, feeling tired, and have been getting incredibly cranky as the week has progressed. I guess you know what that means (if you don't, then you're not a girl so don't worry your pretty little head about it).

So this week I am not planning on losing any weight. I am a bit bummed about that, but I guess I just have to keep on going. Even though I don't particularly want to, I will weigh myself in the morning and let you know how it went.

For inspiration this week, here is a picture of Jonah when he was little.

Don't forget, Mommy... Always weigh yourself naked.
You'll feel better about it afterward.

Weight: +1 pound *sigh*
Goal: Lose 2 pounds next week!

I decided to scale back my goal to a weekly one. That way it's not as discouraging if I didn't make it to the weight I wanted by Halloween, Thanksgiving, or whatever. It also makes it a bit more manageable for me. Diva Ma asked me about my weight goal, so I'll tell all of you. I ultimately want to lose 35 pounds. That would put me in a size 10 approximately, and I would be extremely happy with that.

I am happy to report that our bicycle trainer has finally arrived! So now I can exercise at home while the boys are asleep or during nap time. It is going to be fabulous. Check it out:

We got a really nice Travel Trac Real Tour trainer. It hooks up to the computer and has preprogrammed courses that vary the resistance for you. It also has a video course so you can feel a bit more like you are riding outdoors.

I have used it twice so far this week and it got me sweating! I was wearing a sweatstopper headband and by the time I finished my workout I could actually wring sweat out of it! (Gross, I know!) So I think it will help me reach my weightloss goals this winter and get me ready for bike touring season next spring and summer.

I don't know why, but I definitely prefer this to doing workout videos... maybe it's the absence of the always-smiling, too-perky aerobics instructor.

As for the Biggest Loser this week... somehow we recorded all but the last half hour of this episode! I had to go online to see who they had voted out. Can you believe I found out first from Wikipedia? I don't know who is updating this page, but DANG are they doing a good job.

Wasn't it funny that the black team totally thrashed the blue team at the challenge? I loved that the videos turned out to be live! Especially since Vicky basically said she didn't think the challenge was worth it. What kind of attitude is THAT?

Anyway, I was SO sad to see that when the blue team lost the weigh-in they had voted out Amy P. Now I really don't like the Brown team. It made me very annoyed when Vicky said she didn't care if her team won or lost because either way she wouldn't be going home. What kind of arrogance is that? Doesn't she care about her team members at all?! Then Brady only lost 3 pounds!

I'm definitely rooting for the black team now! How about you?

How are you doing in getting HOT for the Holidays?


  1. What a cute picture with the scale! How much are you trying to lose? I want to lose some weight, but I'm having trouble staying motivated and doing it everyday. I keep skipping a day or to only to enjoy some brownies!

  2. Your trainer looks like it will make exercise lots of fun. Hang in there with the weight thing and keep trying. That's what counts.

  3. At least you are doing a little something toward your weight loss goals. I told myself I would start up around my August...yeah. Pathetic.
    I was waiting for you to post about that god-awful Vicky! She is the most hateful woman alive!! Did you see that smirk that she flashed while they were all talking to Amy P. about "no we didn't form an alliance with anyone"? Ahhhh! That is the one thing I hate about all reality shows! Those hateful, spiteful people who are in it for the total wrong reason and treat everyone they can like crap. I can only hope the universe will provide and strike that harpie down off her high horse!

  4. that trainer sounds like fun! now you just need a screen that shows landscapes to match the scenarios and it would be great.

    as far as Biggest Loser... do you think that the brown team made up the story about Phil?? I found it funny that the show didn't show the whole interaction when they were talking about it... I think they are playing Heba too

  5. I want one of those nifty trainer things ... pretty cool!!!

  6. Here is to a better week next week for you!!! :-)

  7. that's ok! i do the same thing by the way, i set mini-goals to make it to my big goal. it works so much better for me! that trainer looks like fun! be careful on it, my husband's fell and he went riding right through the tv! (makes me laugh every time i think about it!) anyway, here's to a better next week! cheers!

  8. So today I didn't buy a hot chocolate at the 7 11, though I did every other day. Which might explain the 5 lb weight gain. :(

  9. I can't even remember the last time I was on a bike. How sad is that??!

  10. It's only a pound. Focus will take it off next week.....and I agree that the only way to weigh in is naked!!!

  11. Love the cute!

    Good luck with your weight loss goal. I'd love to be back to a ten too. I'd have to lose about 40 to get there. Sigh...I'm trying.

    As for Biggest Loser, after this week I do not like the formerly brown team. And I think Heba made a big mistake in who she voted to send home. She's keeping her alliance with the brown team, but she's got to know that if the other girl loses the most one week so they can't send her home that Heba will be out because it's not like the brown team is going to vote for each other. (I think I take this show too seriously, lol)

  12. Good Luck with the new trainer! Unfortunately I think most of us women have that 1 week a month that we can't expect to lose weight. Isn't that horrible?
    And for the biggest loser ... I was also waiting for your comments on Vicky. I have not liked the brown team since day 1. It doesn't seem like they are team players. & Vicky especially has a bad attitude. She didn't care about her weight loss, she knew she wouldn't be voted off. That's why I wanted her off so bad! I don't like Heba either. The only one left on that team that I like is the other Amy. Other than that, GO BLACK TEAM! K I get into this way to much.

  13. very cute picture!!!

    i am so with you. i want the brown team and heba all gone! ugh. they all drive me crazy!!!

    i have found that mini goals work great for me. my newest goal was 20 lbs in 20 weeks. I am at week 11 and have lost 14.2 so I am on track to be successful. yeah. I think that it is important for the goal to be attainable so that you don't get discouraged.

  14. OK, I'm jealous! I want a trainer sooooo bad. So. Bad. You go girl, and pedal an extra few for me - know there's a lady out there who's cheering you on!

  15. love THAT bike! my mountain bike's tyres are so FLAT because i haven't ridden it for so long. now the weather's warmer, i have no excuse. right??? lol