Monday, September 22, 2008

I Dream of Mommy

Each day I find myself wearing many different hats in the process of being a mommy. I am the chef, the housekeeper, the chauffeur, the laundress, the nutritionist, the day care operator, the diaper changer, the disciplinarian, the playmate, the teacher... and the list goes on.

Though I do not relish some of these tasks, so far I have not been asked to do any of these things to the point that I would consider it above and beyond my call of duty as a mother. But then again, my oldest is only two! So I am sure I have many years of unreasonable demands yet to come.

The thing that drives me crazy right now is that Jonah thinks that he can just tell me what he wants, and I will automatically make it happen. As though I was put on this earth merely to gratify his every little desire. It makes me want to say:
I'm your Mommy, not your all-powerful,
wish-granting genie!

(I'm a smokin' hot genie, no?)

I think in his little brain the dialog would go something like this:

Jonah: I want to watch a movie.
Mommy: Your wish is my command!

Jonah: I want some candy.
Mommy: Of course! What kind would you like?

Jonah: I don't want to go to bed.
Mommy: Of course not. Let's eat candy and watch a movie instead!

Um.... Dream on Buddy! In case you haven't noticed, I am the one in charge here! I am your Mommy and that means that I get to decide what's best for you.

Just because you want something, doesn't mean you will get it. That's life, son.


  1. oh yeah you better not show your husband that genie picture. Smokin!

  2. Wow! What a smokin' hot genie! But I'll bet your kids don't appreciate that good looking body! But honey daddy will.

  3. Hmm, my three y/o has this same perception. When does the insanity end??

  4. both my kids think that way!
    What a great pict!

  5. that is too funny, but so true. But, that is why we as parents have to teach limits and the meaning of the word no. Or tell them to ask their father/grandparents/someone else who will give in

  6. I love your post! I'm sure all mommies in the world agree with you. Mommies should be able multitasking, should have can-do you said, the list go on..

    by the way, cool funny pic :)

  7. Little ones have high expectations of their mommy, and most of the time, we meet them - even without being an "all-powerful, wish-granting genie!"

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

  8. You mean you can't make candy magically appear. lol! Love the genie!

  9. Smokin!! Don't our kids so wish that is the way the conversation goes instead we get to be the big meany that says I DON'T THINK SO all the time!

  10. You mean you are a servant, maid, lackey, orderly, usher, valet, chauffeur, chambermaid, au pair, attendant, bellhop and gofer???
    I like your response and your future daughter in law will too!!!
    Great and funny post!

  11. LOL!
    I can tell right now that I am going to love your blog.

    It's the age, the whole two thing.
    What until he turns three, then they try to turn them into demands.


  12. That's ome pretty great photoshopping!!

  13. It is funny that our kids think that - it gets a tad better as they get older! :)

  14. My kids are old enough that they should know better but I still get demands like that.