Saturday, September 20, 2008

If it's Not Broken, I Probably Didn't Touch It.

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! My Honey is home. (hallelujah!)

It's a good thing my husband came home from his conference yesterday, otherwise who knows what else I might have broken!

Yesterday morning we went to the doctor's office for Eli's six month appointment (poor boy got 4 shots), and then we went bargain shopping (would you believe chicken at $1.39/lb and ground beef at $1.79!). Then on the way home I noticed that the blinkers on my car weren't working anymore.

Not a huge deal, right? I figured I could still drive the car later to pick him up as long as I was careful.

Later in the afternoon I walked past the car and noticed that there was a rather large puddle of water underneath it. I popped the hood and found out that the reservoir was completely empty of coolant.

I didn't dare drive the car because who knows where the leak was? I could have filled the reservoir and still burned out the engine on my way to pick him up.

No problem, right? I will just take my husband's car to get him. All I have to do is move the car seats. I'm not too excited about this because my husband has strapped the toddler seat in my car so tight I have a hard time ever getting it out of the car, but you do what you gotta, right?

So I got my keys and headed out to the garage to switch the car seats. I stuck my key in the door (we have an outside entry because there is a carport between the garage and the house), twisted the key and opened the door. When I tried to pull my key out of the door it wouldn't budge. No matter how I jiggled or turned it, my key would not come out.

So now my key is stuck in the knob and I cannot get it out. I call my husband's father (who does some locksmithing on the side) and ask him what to do. While I am talking to my father-in-law, my husband calls and says that they are getting close to his work and I can come pick him up.

I had to tell him that it might not be possible for me to come get him. Luckily the guys driving the van agreed to bring him home. I felt a bit bad welcoming my honey home with a list of things to fix. What can I say? Without him we just fall apart.

On a happy note, at least I remembered to pick up the dry cleaning this afternoon so my husband has something to wear to church (I got there about 15 minutes before they closed!)


  1. Oh the joys of breaking things when hubby isn't around. I'm sure he had a good laugh AT you though...and then followed it with something witty like "you can't live without me, can you?" Hehe!

  2. Hurray to the man!
    Until my handy man comes around I'll have to be Ms. Fixit.

  3. This is the same thing that happens to children who are at daycare or who are being babysat. When the parents come in they fall apart because of all the stuff they have saved up while the parents are gone. It happens to all of us, it just seems like things break more when the parent is gone because you can't tell them right when it happens and you can't get it fixed right away. If you look at things in perspective, it isn't so bad and it will all get fixed in time. I do know it is hard to have dad away. I hated it because he was gone once a month for three days and I know he hated it because he would always have 3-5things to take care of when he returned. We still do it after 30 years and I can say that things do not fall apart as much now. Hang in there.

  4. Ey Yi YI when it rains it pours doesn't it?

  5. Yea, he's home.....too bad all the mishaps had to get in the way.....but more importantly, he's home!

  6. Everything definitely seems to happen all at once. I had a morning like that this morning (definitely not that bad though). Hope things are looking up!