Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Have Not Lost My Mind OR My Keys!

I was right all along! I didn't lose my car keys... they were in fact stolen and then hidden from me.

How did I figure this out, you ask? Well, the culprit not only returned to the scene of the crime, he tried to become a repeat offender!

For the past week I have been using our spare set of keys because mine were just gone. I cleaned and searched the entire house. I was SO annoyed because I may misplace my keys occasionally, but they always turn up after an hour or so. I was convinced that some sticky little fingers ran off with them.

My suspicions were confirmed yesterday. I came home from an errand with the boys. When we got in the house I set the spare keys down on the table and picked up the laptop. My two-year old was just reading books and playing with his toys. The next thing I know, he comes up to me and says, "Where's mommy's keys?"

At first I thought he meant MY car keys... the lost ones. This question has been asked a lot at our house the past six days. Then my eyes turned to the spot I left the spare keys and sure enough, they were gone!

"Jonah, No! Give mommy back her keys, NOW."

His eyes widen as he realizes that I am serious. So he walks around the coffee table and I follow him. There are the spare keys, inserted between the lid and the base of the coffee table.

In a flash I know where MY car keys are. I completely forgot that our coffee table opens up! There is a small spot underneath where you can store remotes, magazines, etc. We never open it up... but apparently my two-year-old is smart enough to figure it out by himself because when I lifted the lid, there were my keys!

I was SO relieved... not only that I had found my keys, but that I had never really lost them in the first place! I was starting to feel like such an idiot.

Needless to say, now I don't plan to EVER leave my keys where little hands can get them. Who knows where they could end up the next time?


  1. Be careful. Once they have sticky fingers, they always have sticky fingers - and next time it won't be keys, but something else. Good luck.

  2. My darling daughter has done this to me before. I've realized that I can't find my keys, practically destroy my house and pull up the floorboards, trying to figure out what I did with them....only to discover that my daughter thoughtfully deposited my keys in one of my old shoes on the bottom rung of the shoe rack by the front door. Ugh!

    Glad you found them! :)

  3. I can't even tell you how many times this has happened to me. Little monkeys.

    Glad you found them!

  4. Sorry Debbie, but I have to admit that is hilarious! Smart kid you have there. He knows how to get your attention!

  5. My baby LOVES the car keys, and now that she is walking I have to keep a very close eye on them or she'll carry them off somewhere and just drop them, leaving me to scrabble around looking for them. I'm so glad you found yours!

  6. So glad you found your car keys! The other day my son "borrowed" and hid DH's watch- but returned it the next day. (Of course DH had to go a whole day of work without his watch.)