Sunday, August 17, 2008

Marriage 101

The past week has been one disaster after another. Last Friday we got a statement in the mail saying the insurance company denied an $880 claim. So I got to fret about that all weekend before calling on Monday and confirming that it was THEIR mistake, not mine.

Then after running errands and taking my two-year-old to play-group, I lost my car keys... and I still haven't found them (even after cleaning the entire house this weekend). It's been driving me crazy!

Then this Friday we got our cell phone bill, which was $232! Honey Daddy and I both about fell over. Apparently we had somehow gone 300 minutes over, even though we NEVER do that. Go figure. So I got to call them and work things out there.

Then Absolutely Bananas posted that the topic for this Monday's post was "marriage in real life" and I was thinking... it doesn't get any more real than this! Sometimes it seems Honey Daddy and I are riding through one mini-disaster after another... luckily we have each other and a little bit of humor to keep us sane.

I knew before I met Honey Daddy that marriage wasn't all roses and sunshine. That said, I think there are some things that didn't really penetrate my brain until AFTER I got married.

1. YOU will have to decide "What's for dinner?" at least 350+ days per year. Prepare to think about it a lot and then eat a lot of the same things over and over.

Tell me, oh refrigerator, what's for dinner?

2. Phone calls (related to billing problems, scheduling appointments, etc.) will most likely be made by YOU.

3. It is amazing to find someone who tells you that you are beautiful, even when you have serious bedhead, morning breath, and absolutely no makeup on.

What a guy!

4. Guess who gets to do the laundry (including ironing!) for you, your spouse, and children? That's right... YOU.

5. There is something magical about having someone know you well enough to know that doing the ironing for you is a great way to say I love you.

6. Your husband probably won't get you what you want for Chrismas/birthdays unless you tell him EXACTLY what it is you want. (But then again, sometimes he may surprise you with the perfect present.)

Surprise! He got me an early birthday present last week!

7. Children tend to cry (a lot), spit up, throw up, throw tantrums, throw toys, break things, make messes, etc. The person who gets to deal with most of this is YOU.

8. Knowing that somebody loves you...even when you ruin dinner, lose your keys, lose your patience, or go a little crazy occasionally.

9. Guess who gets to do the majority of the cleaning (including bathrooms)? That's right... YOU.

10. Not everyone shows love in the same way. His way of showing he loves you may not include flowers, letters, love songs, etc. (Instead it may be taking care of the cars, shoveling the driveway, taking care of the yard, etc.)

11. Did you realize that being pregnant is not fun... and neither is labor and delivery... or the first couple of weeks at home with a new baby?

12. You can discover new things that you enjoy doing together, even after you've been married for five years (or more!).


  1. Very sweet, and oh so true. Cute pictures, too!

  2. beautiful and so true. and hey, I just got a bike too!

  3. That is a great post, and a very true way to show what marriage is really like. :) It's very true that you won't get what you want for gifts unless you tell him EXACTLY what you want. And I usually have to write it down for him, in detail!

  4. Losing keys will most definitely drive you batty.....I hope they turn up!

  5. Marriage is definitely a game of give and take. You have to give and not worry about getting back, but it always comes when you least expect it.

  6. I love the refrigerator image!

  7. very true! love that fridge picture--send him over for some ideas for me!

  8. What is UP with having to clean the bathrooms? So not fair. Love your post!

  9. Beautiful post! You are so right- and I hope you find your keys soon!

  10. Very true - you are in charge of doing so much as the wife. It is all you. Unfortunately I disagree on the pregnancy front - it's not bad (for me).

  11. Fantastic. I didn't realize I was in such good company being in charge of bills, appointments and food.

  12. Oh I feel you with #11 and the working with a baby on his chest picture was adorable!