Friday, August 1, 2008

Adventures in Potty Training

You may be aware that we have been working on potty training at our house the past couple of weeks. We have been doing surprising well with very few accidents and it is SO nice to have one little boy (mostly) out of diapers.

In the course of potty training we have had some interesting incidents. Last week we were shopping at a craft store when Jonah said he needed to go to the bathroom (well... he actually said very loudly, "Need to go pee-pee, Mommy!"). I LOVE that he actually tells me when he needs to go.. so off we went.

I got him on the potty and everything went as it should. In his happy/surprised voice my little boy said, "Jonah went pee-pee!" I whispered, "You done? Good job, Buddy!"

At that moment my phone in my pocket decided to embarrass me. I must have bumped it while kneeling down because it spontaneously took a picture of the inside of my pocket (and made that loud picture-taking sound). I'm thinking... "Great! How must that have sounded to the ladies out there? They probably think I am some weirdo-mommy, taking pictures of my little boy on the toilet."

So to stall while I waited for everyone else to leave the restroom, I went to the bathroom too. Then my little boy proceeds to congratulate ME for going on the potty... UGH! How cute and completely embarrassing all at the same time!

In retrospect, here are some valuable lessons I have learned about potty training over the course of the past few weeks.

Potty Training Pointers:

1. Be sure little boy parts point down. (After crouching in front of my little boy I left a public bathroom looking like I peed MY pants!)

2. When your kids says they need to go, that means NOW.

3. Control during the day does not equal control at night.

4. Everyone will know what YOU are doing in the potty. ("Mommy's going pee-pee on the potty! Yea! *clapping*)

5. Accidents are a part of life... don't make a big deal about it and move on.

6. Get out the pants you just boxed up. They'll fit now!

7. Never send your husband out to get underwear for your toddler. He'll come home with tighty-whities... HELLO?! Get some underwear that looks FUN! and EXCITING!


  1. Such a great accomplishment! Now you're one of those mother's running to the restroom trailing a small child behind you. What fun!

  2. Love the list - I laughed. Don't you love how when you cheer for them, they now cheer for you!!!