Thursday, July 17, 2008

Diaper Daze

The bribes (um, I mean rewards!) are strategically placed:

The stickers are ready and the chart is up:

We have the right equipment:

We have plenty of underwear:

I guess it's official...

(Somebody shoot me.)


  1. We have collected two more rewards for the next care package. Grandpa

  2. When my four now grown kids were little I'd encourage myself by saying, "When they're sixteen they will be potty trained!" And they are! :)

    Good luck!

    (found you thru Blogher)

  3. You too! I'm at it for the sixth and hopefully final time. Hopeing that it doesn't take 9 months like my last child did. I think 17 1/2 years of having kids in diapers is enough.
    Best wishes!

  4. OMG that is so adorable. Well it's a good time to potty train with the warm weather. Good luck.

    My Mom told us stories about the rush to get us all potty trained. Now that she is a grandmother, she says that my niece will potty train in her own time and tells my sister-in-law not to rush her. :)

  5. I just started with my little girl last Wednesday. We have had a few accidents but it is going ok. Good luck and cheers to the invention of paper towels!!!