Thursday, August 7, 2008

Addicted to Foreign Goldfish

Earlier this week my boys and I went to visit my friend Stacy and her son. The boys had a great time playing with their GeoTrax train set. I am trying to decide between those tracks and the wooden ones, but that is not what this post is about.

Anywho, Stacy's brother (or brother-in-law, or some such male relative) works for Pepperidge Farms so she told me she could get a good deal on goldfish crackers. We like goldfishes now and then, so I said that would be great. Then she pulled out a box of giant goldfish like the one pictured here and asked me if I had ever had any.

I was intrigued, so I tried one. They were really good! She told me that they don't sell them in the U.S. because they weren't popular here. Apparently they only sell them in Canada.

So she gave me a box to take home. I have to tell you that my son and I finished off the box yesterday... which was about 48 hours after we got them! Jonah loves them, but the worst part is that I love them too!

Now what I am supposed to do? I am addicted to foreign goldfish.


  1. Here fishy, fishy, fishy. You need a LONG fishing pole to reach Canada! I will do some checking for you.

  2. lol! This is too funny! I've never even heard of goldfish crackers... your making me curious! Perhaps your friend can send you some? Or maybe you can order them on the Pepperidge Farm website. I don't know, but I bet you can probably find a bloggy friend based in Canada, and arrange some sort of deal!

  3. And tada! I am that blogger in Canada. LOL I havn't really noticed any Giant goldfish. I will have to take a look.

  4. Oh no. I guess you do the same thing as you do with what other women are addicted to (chocolate) - Ignore the urge!

  5. That's really funny! You'll have to try and describe what foreign goldfish taste like. I found some parmesan ones that I really liked. But you don't see them on the shelves much either.