Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spider in My Towel, Lizard in My Tub

Why is it that creepy things always happen to me when I am naked? Um... nevermind. That didn't come out right (sorry Honey!)

Anyway, the other day after my morning bike ride and getting the boys breakfast I decided it was time to take a shower. Luckily my two-year old is pretty well behaved, so I can shower while he is awake without fear of getting out and finding the house destroyed.

So I took a lovely relaxing shower. I turned off the water and opened the curtain, relieved to hear that no one is crying or unhappy. I reached for my hair towel on the rack and started to open it up. That's when I saw the HUGE spider. Ok, it probably wasn't any bigger than normal... maybe it just seems that way when you are naked and vulnerable.

Now my normal reaction would be to scream and fling the towel as far away from me as possible. However, I really didn't want to freak out my little boy or pass on my phobias. So I quickly dropped the towel on the floor. Then I called for Jonah to bring me a shoe.

I am standing in the shower, unable to get out of the tub because I don't want to get anywhere NEAR that spider. Jonah brings me the shoe and I squash the living daylights out of that spider, pick it up with a tissue and put it in the trash. I almost felt like I needed to take another shower, but instead I got new towels and put the ones on the rack in the wash. I just couldn't stand the thought of little spider legs crawling all over my towels... *shudder*

This incident reminded me of a time just after I had gotten married a little over five years ago. We were living in Tucson, which has all sorts of interesting fauna. This time I was just about to get into the shower in our little one bedroom apartment. I pulled back the curtain and stepped inside. As I reached to turn on the water I spotted it; there was a lizard skulking around in the bottom of the tub.

I had a very different reaction at the time; I screamed and yelled at my new husband to come quickly. I don't know what he thought was wrong, but I can imagine it was pretty funny when he saw me standing there outside the tub, naked, pointing out the lizard in the tub. He told me it was just a little lizard, then he picked it up and carried it outside. I promptly got in the tub and soaped away the itchy twitchy feeling going up and down my skin.

What can I say? I just can't handle creepy crawly things... especially when I am nude.


  1. lol! This is too funny. I am with you, though, creepy crawly things just gross me out! I can't deal with them either! Luckily I've never been faced with any while naked (as far as I remember), I can imagine its worse when your naked!

  2. Ewwwww! I would have screamed so loud and freaked out! I HATE spiders! The lizard story is pretty freaky too!

  3. Probably better than my method. Scream first, try to convince your kid spiders aren't scary later!

    Please keep the creepy crawlies at your place!

  4. The lizard I could have handled. Growing up with three younger brothers...gross things end up in the house.
    But spiders...Oh I hate them. Especially in the house. If they are long as they leave me alone, I will leave them alone. But if they come in my house... I don't care how unlucky it is supposed to be to squish them. They are smeared!

  5. Ha, ha! When we lived in Tucson I found a scorpion on my bedroom floor- as I was about to step on it! I think that place is the capital of nasty bugs and crawlies. Thanks for the reminder that lower AL with all the mosquitos just isn't that bad...

  6. The cockroaches that are over one inch long are the most repulsive to me. I get physically sick when I think I have to squash them. They are fast, making them hard to catch, making it even worse because you have to chase them. I have resorted to using Lysol Spray to slow them down at school since we are not allowed to have bug spray near the kids. Once they are stopped, I scoop them into the trash can and hope they can't crawl back out. Sometimes I have a kid step on them, which they think is really cool.