Thursday, August 7, 2008

2009 Trek 2.1

Today's THE day!
Honey Daddy's new road bike has arrived. It is a brand new (next year's model!) Trek 2.1 and I think it is gorgeous, don't you?

These are probably some of the first pictures of this bike on the internet. I know we couldn't find any photos when we looked because the bike hasn't officially been released yet!

When he got the news, Honey Daddy rode his old roadie home as fast as he could. We dashed over to the bike shop and they adjusted everything for him. Unfortunately as soon as we got home I had to go to work, so he is watching the boys and can't even go out and ride it yet! I guess we'll see how fast his new bike is when he rides it to work tomorrow morning.

I am sure it will be super-fast because the old roadie he was riding weighed 30 pounds, and his new bike weighs 21 pounds with all the extras attached. I think that he will really enjoy this new bike. I think it's sweet!


  1. Can't wait for you guys to come and ride with us. We will have a great time.