Friday, January 24, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 | {January 17-23}

Day 17

My library has been closed the past week for annual maintenance and today was my day to go in and work on projects. The book drop was more than a little full as I was leaving for the day.

Day 18

Saturdays are always busy, and the day got away from me. So as the sun was setting I ran outside and took a picture of Mount Timpanogos. I love the way the mountains turn pink at sunset.

Day 19

Today the boys decided to get out their car mats and play with their cars. I love to listen to the stories they make up as they play together!

Day 20

It was Martin Luther King Day so my kids had the day off, as did my husband. So we dragged the kids along on a trip to the Home Depot. As you can see, they were thrilled.

Day 21

I  was intrigued by the ice crystals on the car window outside early this morning. Then this afternoon I had to take a picture of Eli and his sister. I love it when my boys are willing to play dolls with their little sister!

Day 22

I went with Jonah's Tiger Cub Scout group to the Hutchings Museum in Lehi, Utah. They had many fun collections, including birds and eggs, rocks and minerals, and pioneer history.

Day 23

Another shot of the moon as I was coming home from the gym in the morning. I love that you can see the craters of the moon so well in this shot!

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  1. Day 18, 21, 23 - Wow. Love those! I should try the moon shot at some point!

  2. Busy week! Love the frost pics!!

  3. Wow love your photos this week!!! The one of the "thrilled" kids is just classic!! And the one of the moon is absolutely mind blowing! Well done on an awesome week of photos :)

  4. Wow, great job with the moon capture! And that frost and those mountains.

    But I think I like the three kiddos at Home Depot! That's real life right there! LOL...

  5. Awesome pics and I am so jealous of that moon shot!!

  6. Great photos. We have that same train rug in our playrooms in our cottages.

  7. I didn't know your son was doing tiger cubs. Cute pictures, especially at Home Depot. That is about as excited as mine gets, unless it is the kids workshop!

  8. I always wondered what the book drop pike looked like lol

  9. Fantastic shots from the amazing pink mountain to the look of sheer boredom of the kids in the home depot.

  10. some stunning shots this week honey that moon one is beautiful x

  11. Car mats are a must-have for boys and I love the "thrilled" pic at Home Depot - so awesome! Would you be interested in writing up or making a video tutorial on how to take pictures of the moon? Yours are just fantastic and I'd love you to share your knowledge!

  12. Those mountains are so beautiful and the frost crystals are amazing. Love the Home Depot one too - made me laugh!

  13. Love the day 20 photos!! Great photos this week!