Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {2•3•13}


18 hearts, 7 ladybugs, and 3 shells from the sea 
An acorn, two birds, and a spider on a key.

I know that technically this is not a "hidden picture" because everything is in plain sight, but my boys love to look at these and find the objects that seem to be hidden. So I gathered little stuff from our house to make this "I Spy" scene for them. Did you find the camera? The light saber? The fish? Maybe they really are hidden after all!


This is a picture of plain blue skies. But after weeks of hazy grey skies, it was beautiful to me!

Also, it is plain to see that we got a LOT of snow this week!


I shoveled the driveway over and over and over again this week, and it just kept snowing! Once when there was another dusting of snow on the driveway I saw these little footprints that were left by a birdie.


My boys love to go sledding, and they like to go FAST! We went sledding after our big storm this week, and I was surprised to find Jonah going off the jumps that had been created at the bottom of the hill!


I was brave and snuck in to take a picture of my baby girl when she is sleeping. Isn't she a peaceful little angel?


  1. Great set! I was loving them all...and then I got to "Peace"! What a great capture. I'm glad you snuck in!!

  2. these are great! love that last shot

  3. I love your first and last shots most, so great!

  4. Your Peace shot is so precious. Nice set.

  5. Love the tracks in the snow. That's a very original thought. Nice work.

  6. I seriously thought, "wow, she set up her own 'i spy' scene!" - than read it was the book (clearly just waking up here!)

    Love all the snow fun!

    1. Tamar! You read it right the first time. I DID set up my own "I Spy" scene. I wrote this late last night, so I reworded my caption to make sure it made sense. Glad you liked it!

  7. Such a fun set - LOVE fast! Great action shots. Peace is precious. And your little chicken prints are the best!

  8. I love your shots of the sledding and your daughter sleeping. Such contrast.

  9. Wow...what a great group of pictures! Love your daughter sleeping and your son mid air!!

    Hope you have a blessed day...♥

  10. I could look at that first picture for probably way too long looking for items - how fun! Love your interpretations, especially liking the shot of the bird footsteps.

  11. Beautiful set! Our plain is very similiar. Great minds.....Have a lovely week, and stay warm.

  12. Love your hidden picture---next time no spiders though!

  13. Wow! I so love your I Spy creative! When my kids were little we would read I Spy books over and over again as well! We now play the I Spy game when we are waiting at restaurants or doctor's offices. I am so jealous you got a lot of snow this week. While we got some snow, it was nothing compared to the amount you got! Great pictures this week and what a great capture of your son in mid air!

  14. Wow that "I Spy" shot was fun and so creative.
    Loved the Bird track shot.
    Your Fast Shots are fun and the Peace shot is so sweet.

  15. These are all wonderful! I love the little bird tracks. The hidden shot was a great idea. Those "I Spy" things are a lot of fun.

  16. The i Spy scene = BRILLIANT! We love those books in our house too ;D
    Love your snowy shots this week.

  17. She is a total angel! Have a great week! My boys would be so thrilled to sled! They have only done it once and then it wasn't very fun because it was way too cold.

  18. Yes I have spent too much time looking at the hidden picture. Love the shots in the snow. Thanks